2019 Youth MMA World Championships

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Two- hundred-and-sixty-nine U18s competitors, aged 12 – 17,  have registered to compete in a historic first Youth MMA World Championships, which takes place from 3–4 August at the PalaPellicone in Rome under the auspices of the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF).

Unified world MMA governing body, IMMAF – WMMAA, published its Youth MMA rule sets in February, following a unanimous board decision to disallow head strikes for under 18s.

IMMAF has set a precedent among striking combat sports with its Youth MMA rule sets which bar head-strikes for under 18s. The rules see a modification of the world recognised Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts with respect to the physiological development of competitors across the following three age categories, as advised by IMMAF’s expert medical, coaching and regulatory committees:

• IMMAF Youth A 16-17s (U18)

• IMMAF Youth B 14-15s (U16)

• IMMAF Youth C 12-13s (U14)

View the full Mixed Martial Arts Unified Rules for Youth Competition here


Pala Pellicone venue address: Via del Sandolini, 79, 00122 Lido di Ostia RM, Italy

August 02, Friday: Registration day @PalaPellicone

9:00-17:00 Registration, accreditation, pre-fight medicals: registration area.

9:00-17:00 Kit sizing, Kit Collection for Category A athletes: equipment room.

17:30 Rules briefing – (MANDATORY for all coaches): registration area

18:00 brackets draw: registration area

August 03, Saturday. Competition Day 1 @PalaPellicone

07:30-8:00 Weigh In – Women Youth A – all weighs: floor area

08:00-8:30 Weigh In – Men Youth A – -53, -56, -61: floor area

09:00-10:30 First bout – Women Youth A – followed by all weights: floor area

10:30-14:00 First bout – Men Youth A – -53, -56, -61: floor area

12:00-13:00 Weigh In – Men Youth A – 65.8, -70.3, -77.1, -83.9, -93, -120: floor area

14:00-14:30 Medal Ceremony Women Youth A: awards area

14:30-15:00 Medal Ceremony Men Youth A – -53, -56, -61: awards area

15:00-18:00 First Bout – Men Youth A – -65.8 -70.3 -77.1: floor area

18:00-20:00 First Bout – Men  Youth A – -83.9, -93, -120: floor area

20:00-20:30 Medal Ceremony Men Youth A – -65.8, -70.3, -77.1: awards area

20:30-21:00 Medal Ceremony Men Youth A – 83.9, – 93, 120: awards area

August 04, Sunday. Competition Day 2 @PalaPellicone

08:00-08:15 Weigh In – Youth C Women – all weights: floor area

08:15 Kit Collection starts for Category B and C: equipment room

08:15-08:45 Weigh In – Youth C Men – all weights: floor area

08:45-09:00 Weigh In – Youth B Women – all weights: floor area

9:30-11:30 First Bout – Youth C – follow by all weights: floor area

11:30-12:00 First out – Youth B  Women: floor area

11:00-12:00 Weigh In – Men Youth B All weights: floor area

12:00-13:00 Medal Ceremony Women Youth C and Youth B women: awards area

14:00-18:00 First Bout – Men Youth B followed by all Weights: floor area

18:00-19:00 Medal Ceremony Men Youth B: awards area

Watch IMMAF – WMMAA Youth MMA Rules Video (U18s)

Regulatory Affairs Director Marc Goddard walks through the IMMAF – WMMAA Youth MMA rulesets for U18s competition: