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If you are looking to enhance your sport business exposure and management skills; an IMMAF internship will offer you the opportunity to immerse yourself into the world of MMA through a series of challenging work assignments, international events, and networking opportunities.

We offer a unique and exciting work environment with great opportunities for your professional and personal development. We are looking for talented and motivated individuals who will embrace our values, with purpose, passion, and pride in order to make a positive impact on the world of MMA and beyond. 

There are many projects across our different departments, which range from research and data collection to planning and execution of processes. We encourage idea generation and welcome fresh insights, all within a flexible work environment. You can gain valuable work skills, translate theory into practical experience, develop and refine your abilities and explore a career path that you are interested in.   

Internships range from 2 to 12 months and vary based on your interests and the needs of the various IMMAF departments.  We expect that you can commit a minimum of 20hrs per week (part-time) for the internship duration.  Please note: all our internships are currently via remote working and online methods.

Each intern will be provided with an internship supervisor who will dedicate specific time on a weekly basis to meet with the intern.  The supervisor will be an experienced member of the organisation (and sport industry), who will coach and provide the intern with feedback and guidance.

Each intern will be provided with the opportunity to do a relevant and valuable project which they can own and take responsibility for and can complete within the period of their internship.

Example Internship Programme

Join us and get the chance to make a positive impact on MMA across the world. This is where you start a career in the MMA industry!

Additional information (students / non-students)

If you are a student

During the application phase, we work with you to understand the internship criteria that has been set out by your university, and what interests you.

If your application is successful; together with IMMAF, you can determine a project and research report, which contributes to your course to reach your university goals. 

For example, we can define an organisational question that needs to be research and analysed to a strategic level which is aimed at helping move the organisation forward. This ensures the strategic level of the internship is accounted for and that all parties (student, IMMAF, university) are getting the highest quality internship.

We also consider that many university’s have a requirement that interns are provided the opportunity to lead on projects and produce reports and legacy presentations at the end of the project, to gain study points at university.

If you are a non-student

Our internships are not just for students, so if you are looking for a career change, or a different sports organisation to work with, the programme is also open to you and we welcome your application.

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