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The task of IMMAF is to aid and approve one democratic, non-profit national federation per country thus enabling international competitions in the future. In some countries there already exists such a federation, in others several, in many there are able and devoted professional organizations or individuals ready to put one in place. Hence we initiate talks with all relevant parties in a country, whether one or several, to learn about the country and investigate the best way to move forward. We are working diligently to ensure that the membership process is fair and professional, gathering all the relevant information in order to create the best possible outcome in each country. In countries where there is a need for support on how to found a non-profit, democratic federation the IMMAF will provide that.

Your application

You can click here to start your application form. If there are parts you can’t answer that’s ok, start by filling out what you can and we’ll move forward from there. But, you will hasten the process by providing as much information as you can about your organization and MMA in your country. If you have statutes and registration documents make sure to send those right away.

Upon receiving your application we will get back to you with more information and let you know what we need from you in order to procede. If you don’t get a reply from us instantly, please don’t be alarmed. We are handling many applications from around the world and that sometimes takes time. All applications that come in get registered and we make sure to get back to everyone as soon as we can.


At this point in time the IMMAF can unfortunately only process applications in English. So if you don’t speak English we strongly recommend you find a translator. Using internet translation robots only creates misunderstandings and makes it difficult for us to verify information. So we can unfortunately not carry out an application process using internet translation either.


We can’t manage applications over phone, hence you can’t answer our questions by calling us. We need information from you and in order to process that information, do research, discuss your application within the IMMAF team and eventually put a formal decision to the board, everything needs to be in writing.

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