IMMAF Competitors List for the 2015 World Championships

See listed below the IMMAF competitors for the 2015 World Championships at UFC® International Fight Week, pending final review. Competitors are listed as entered by their national federations, both by national team and by weight class. A handful more athletes are yet to be finalised (due to matters such as visas and injury). Please note IMMAF is in the final stages of screening athletes’ historic fight records with reference to eligibility to compete at Amateur level. As MMA still remains unregulated and erratically documented in many countries, researching and defining athletes’ Pro/Am statuses is not always a straightforward matter*. However, the process is essential for obvious reasons of fairness and competitor safety. Before athletes may be entered into the tournament draw, competitor eligibility is subject to further review by the United States Mixed Martial Arts Federation, the promoter and the Nevada State Athletic Commission. *Please see here for  IMMAF’s review of Amateur eligibility criteria following the inaugural 2014 World Championships:

2015 IMMAF World Championships Applicants by Country


Bogdan Grad (Men’s Lightweight: -70.3 kg /155 lbs) Celik Kaan  (Men’s Welterweight: -77.1 kg /170 lbs) Mirza Ramic (Men’s Middleweight: -83.9 kg /185 lbs) David Covalenco (Men’s Light Heavyweight: -93.0 kg /205 lbs)


Husain Maki Mahdi Ali Abdulla (Men’s Flyweight: -56.7 kg /125 lbs) Abdulla Seena Ebrahim Abdulla Munfaredi (Men’s Bantamweight: -61.2 kg /135 lbs) Abdulla Fayez Abdulla Khalifa Alfayez (Men’s Featherweight: -65.8 kg /145 lbs) Ali Ebrahim Qasim Ebrahim Ebrahimi  (Men’s Lightweight: -70.3 kg /155 lbs) Mohamed Salman Ebrahim Rashed Almulla (Men’s Welterweight: -77.1 kg /170 lbs)


Salvatore Liga  (Men’s Bantamweight: -61.2 kg /135 lbs)


Nikolay Ivaylov  (Men’s Flyweight: -56.7 kg /125 lbs) Steliyan Ivaylov  (Men’s Bantamweight: -61.2 kg /135 lbs) Gyulten Kotelov  (Men’s Featherweight: -65.8 kg /145 lbs) Ferdun Osmanov  (Men’s Lightweight: -70.3 kg /155 lbs) Yovo Nikolov  (Men’s Welterweight: -77.1 kg /170 lbs) Tencho Karaenev (Men’s Light Heavyweight: -93.0 kg /205 lbs) Daniel Galabarov  (Men’s Heavyweight: -120.2 kg /265 lbs)


Nkounessoun Eric Franck Moukan  (Men’s Lightweight: -70.3 kg /155 lbs) Djientcheu Bernard (Men’s Welterweight: -77.1 kg /170 lbs)


Jamie Herrington (Women’s Featherweight: -65.8 kg /145 lbs) Sambath Khun (Men’s Flyweight: -56.7 kg /125 lbs) Jessie Atwell   (Men’s Bantamweight: -61.2 kg /135 lbs) Seth Connor  (Men’s  Featherweight: -65.8 kg /145 lbs) Dylan Lielke (Men’s Lightweight: -70.3 kg /155 lbs) Alexander Martinez  (Men’s Welterweight: -77.1 kg /170 lbs) Colton Boxell  (Men’s Middleweight: -83.9 kg /185 lbs) Saeid Mirzaei  (Men’s Light Heavyweight: -93.0 kg /205 lbs)

Czech Republic

Michaela Dostalova  (Women’s Flyweight: -56.7 kg /125 lbs) Alexander Litvinov  (Men’s Bantamweight: -61.2 kg /135 lbs) Leos Kastl  (Men’s Featherweight: -65.8 kg /145 lbs) Renat Yessenzhanov (Men’s Lightweight: -70.3 kg /155 lbs) Tomas Fiala (Men’s Welterweight: -77.1 kg /170 lbs) Zdeněk Ledvina (Men’s Heavyweight: -120.2 kg /265 lbs)


Omer Kavakli (Men’s Featherweight: -65.8 kg /145 lbs) Asger Dissing Pedersen (Men’s Welterweight: -77.1 kg /170 lbs)


Minna Grusander  (Women’s Strawweight: -52.2 kg /115 lbs) Hannan Housmand  (Men’s Bantamweight: -61.2 kg /135 lbs) Tomas Baumann  (Men’s Featherweight: -65.8 kg /145 lbs) Tuukka Repo  (Men’s Lightweight: -70.3 kg /155 lbs) Jussi Pirttikangas  (Men’s Welterweight: -77.1 kg /170 lbs) Juho Laitinen (Men’s Middleweight: -83.9 kg /185 lbs)


Lucie Bertaud (Women’s Bantamweight: -61.2 kg /135 lbs) Iurie Bejenari (Men’s Flyweight: -56.7 kg /125 lbs) Baye-dam Cisse (Men’s Bantamweight: -61.2 kg /135 lbs) Nicolas Ott  (Men’s Featherweight: -65.8 kg /145 lbs) Guillaume Bletio  (Men’s Lightweight: -70.3 kg /155 lbs) Rayane Bouibeb  (Men’s Welterweight: -77.1 kg /170 lbs) Sofiane Aissaoui  (Men’s Middleweight: -83.9 kg /185 lbs) Allan Guichard (Men’s Heavyweight: -120.2 kg /265 lbs)


Julia Dorny  (Women’s Featherweight: -65.8 kg /145 lbs) Aras Dinkhah (Men’s Welterweight: -77.1 kg /170 lbs) Daniel Mueller Keith  (Men’s Middleweight: -83.9 kg /185 lbs)


Mohammed Sohail (Men’s Flyweight: -56.7 kg /125 lbs) Navin Ravishankar  (Men’s Bantamweight: -61.2 kg /135 lbs) Kantharaj Shankar (Men’s Featherweight: -65.8 kg /145 lbs) Kaushik Boloor (Men’s Lightweight: -70.3 kg /155 lbs) Bhoopendra Kumar (Men’s Welterweight: -77.1 kg /170 lbs)

Republic of Ireland

Sinead Kavanagh (Women’s Featherweight: -65.8 kg /145 lbs) Frans Mlambo (Men’s Featherweight: -65.8 kg /145 lbs) James Gallagher (Men’s Lightweight: -70.3 kg /155 lbs) Kiefer Crosbie (Men’s Middleweight: -83.9 kg /185 lbs)


Maria Vittoria Colonna (Women’s Strawweight: -52.2 kg /115 lbs) Micol Di Segni  (Women’s Flyweight: -56.7 kg /125 lbs) Lucrezia Ria  (Women’s Bantamweight: -61.2 kg /135 lbs) Marco Zannetti (Men’s Bantamweight: -61.2 kg /135 lbs) Andrea Alberto Chiappi (Men’s Featherweight: -65.8 kg /145 lbs) Davide Gregorio La Torre  (Men’s Lightweight: -70.3 kg /155 lbs) Ehsan Ghandchiler  (Men’s Welterweight: -77.1 kg /170 lbs) Asterio Lucchesini  (Men’s Middleweight: -83.9 kg /185 lbs) Paolo Anastasi  (Men’s Light Heavyweight: -93.0 kg /205 lbs)


Akuri Ronda (Men’s Featherweight: -65.8 kg /145 lbs)


Younis Shmale (Men’s Featherweight: -65.8 kg /145 lbs) Mohamad Seeto (Men’s Welterweight: -77.1 kg /170 lbs)


Nurtilek Konashov  (Men’s Bantamweight: -61.2 kg /135 lbs) Abylay Tolesh  (Men’s Featherweight: -65.8 kg /145 lbs) Maksat Kinibayev  (Men’s Lightweight: -70.3 kg /155 lbs) Birzhan Mykhambet (Men’s Welterweight: -77.1 kg /170 lbs) Ruslan Kaziyev (Men’s Middleweight: -83.9 kg /185 lbs) Mokhammad Malagov (Men’s Super Heavyweight: +120.2 kg /+265 lbs)


Joeshwa Mortada (Men’s Lightweight: -70.3 kg /155 lbs) Imad Middleweight Alhowayeck (Men’s Middleweight: -83.9 kg /185 lbs) Fahed Dandach  (Men’s Light Heavyweight: -93.0 kg /205 lbs) Charbel Diab  (Men’s Super Heavyweight: +120.2 kg /+265 lbs)

New Zealand (Aotearoa)

Sarah Archer (Women’s Strawweight: -52.2 kg /115 lbs) Brayden Graham (Men’s Flyweight: -56.7 kg /125 lbs) Logan Price (Men’s Bantamweight: -61.2 kg /135 lbs) Matt Mcmeeking (Men’s Featherweight: -65.8 kg /145 lbs) Frank Jarrett  (Men’s Lightweight: -70.3 kg /155 lbs) John Brewin  (Men’s Welterweight: -77.1 kg /170 lbs) Dante Jackson  (Men’s Middleweight: -83.9 kg /185 lbs) Cameron Tukua (Men’s Heavyweight: -120.2 kg /265 lbs) Northern Ireland Mark Mcglinchey (Men’s Flyweight: -56.7 kg /125 lbs) Carl Mcnally (Men’s Bantamweight: -61.2 kg /135 lbs) John Mccorriston (Men’s Featherweight: -65.8 kg /145 lbs) Ciaran Breslin  (Men’s Lightweight: -70.3 kg /155 lbs) Steven Moore (Men’s Welterweight: -77.1 kg /170 lbs) Denis Perry  (Men’s Light Heavyweight: -93.0 kg /205 lbs)


Magdalena Zuchowska  (Women’s Strawweight: -52.2 kg /115 lbs) Karol Jedrusiak  (Men’s Flyweight: -56.7 kg /125 lbs) Arman Wilski  (Men’s Featherweight: -65.8 kg /145 lbs) Kacper Formela  (Men’s Lightweight: -70.3 kg /155 lbs) Patryk Ruta (Men’s Welterweight: -77.1 kg /170 lbs) Marcin Kalata (Men’s Heavyweight: -120.2 kg /265 lbs) Kevin Szaflarski (Men’s Super Heavyweight: +120.2 kg /+265 lbs)


Filipe Catanho (Men’s Featherweight: -65.8 kg /145 lbs) Franklyn Rodrigues (Men’s Lightweight: -70.3 kg /155 lbs) Hugo Pedreira  (Men’s Welterweight: -77.1 kg /170 lbs)


Raluca Dinescu  (Women’s Strawweight: -52.2 kg /115 lbs) Paul Butacu (Men’s Welterweight: -77.1 kg /170 lbs) Vlad Mavrodin (Men’s Super Heavyweight: -120.2 kg /-265 lbs)

South Africa

Natalie Ausmeier Jean (Women’s Flyweight: -56.7 kg /125 lbs) Shaun Taylor Robert (Men’s Bantamweight: -61.2 kg /135 lbs) David Breetzke (Men’s Featherweight: -65.8 kg /145 lbs) Marcel Els  (Men’s Lightweight: -70.3 kg /155 lbs) Juan Rooyen Van Pierre (Men’s Welterweight: -77.1 kg /170 lbs)


Anja Saxmark (Women’s Flyweight: -56.7 kg /125 lbs) Lisa Engelke (Women’s Bantamweight: -61.2 kg /135 lbs) Cornelia Holm (Women’s Featherweight: -65.8 kg /145 lbs) Serdar Altas (Men’s Flyweight: -56.7 kg /125 lbs) Renato Vidovic (Men’s Bantamweight: -61.2 kg /135 lbs) Joel Moya Schondorff  (Men’s Featherweight: -65.8 kg /145 lbs) Johan Andersson   (Men’s Lightweight: -70.3 kg /155 lbs) Adam Westlund  (Men’s Welterweight: -77.1 kg /170 lbs) Rostem Akman  (Men’s Middleweight: -83.9 kg /185 lbs) Robin Enontekio (Men’s Light Heavyweight: -93.0 kg /205 lbs) Irman Smajic  (Men’s Heavyweight: -120.2 kg /265 lbs)


Yurii Bosyi  (Men’s Featherweight: -65.8 kg /145 lbs) Stepan Danyshchuk (Men’s Lightweight: -70.3 kg /155 lbs) Mykola Hrynchuk (Men’s Welterweight: -77.1 kg /170 lbs)

United Kingdom

Amy Omara (Women’s Strawweight: -52.2 kg /115 lbs) Connor Hitchens (Men’s Flyweight: -56.7 kg /125 lbs) Carl Burton (Men’s Bantamweight: -61.2 kg /135 lbs) Aidan James (Men’s Featherweight: -65.8 kg /145 lbs) Josh Ellis (Men’s Lightweight: -70.3 kg /155 lbs) Jake Constantinou (Men’s Welterweight: -77.1 kg /170 lbs) James Duckett (Men’s Middleweight: -83.9 kg /185 lbs) Steve Steward  (Men’s Light Heavyweight: -93.0 kg /205 lbs)


Codie Wareham (Women’s Strawweight: -52.2 kg /115 lbs) Kimberly Defiori  (Women’s Bantamweight: -61.2 kg /135 lbs) Lindsey Lawrence (Women’s Featherweight: -65.8 kg /145 lbs) Carlos Hernandez  (Men’s Flyweight: -56.7 kg /125 lbs) Jose Torres (Men’s Bantamweight: -61.2 kg /135 lbs) David Evans (Men’s Featherweight: -65.8 kg /145 lbs) Sam Agushi   (Men’s Lightweight: -70.3 kg /155 lbs) William Starks  (Men’s Welterweight: -77.1 kg /170 lbs) Brendan Allen (Men’s Middleweight: -83.9 kg /185 lbs) Daniel Mcclendon (Men’s Light Heavyweight: -93.0 kg /205 lbs) Travis Edwards  (Men’s Super Heavyweight: +120.2 kg /+265 lbs)  

2015 IMMAF World Championships Applicants by Weight Class

Women’s Strawweight: -52.2 kg (115 lbs)

Amy Omara (United Kingdom) Codie Wareham (USA) Magdalena Zuchowska (Poland) Maria_vittoria Colonna (Italy) Minna Grusander (Finland) Raluca Dinescu (Romania) Sarah Archer (New Zealand)

Women’s Flyweight: -56.7 kg (125 lbs)

Anja Saxmark (Sweden) Michaela Dostalova (Czech Republic) Micol Disegni (Italy) Natalie Ausmeier Jean (South africa)

Women’s Bantamweight: -61.2 kg (135 lbs)

Kimberly Defiori  (USA) Lisa Engelke (Sweden) Lucie Bertaud (France) Lucrezia Ria (Italy)

Women’s Featherweight: -65.8 kg (145 lbs)

Cornelia Holm (Sweden) Jamie Herrington (Canada) Julia Dorny (Germany) Lindsey Lawrence (USA) Sinead Kavanagh (Ireland)

Men’s Flyweight: -56.7 kg (125 lbs)

Brayden Graham (New Zealand) Carlos Hernandez (USA) Connor Hitchens (United Kingdom) Husain Maki Mahdi Ali Abdulla (Bahrain) Iurie Bejenari (France) Karol Jedrusiak (Poland) Mark Mcglinchey (Northern Ireland) Mohammed Sohail (India) Nikolay Ivaylov (Bulgaria) Sambath Khun (Canada) Serdar Altas (Sweden)

Men’s Bantamweight: -61.2 kg (135 lbs)

Abdulla Seena Ebrahim Abdulla Munfaredi (Bahrain) Alexander Litvinov (Czech Republic) Baye Dam Cisse (France) Carl Burton (United Kingdom) Carl Mcnally (Northern Ireland) Hannan Housmand (Finland) Jessie Atwell (Canada) Jose Torres (USA) Logan Price (New Zealand) Marco Zannetti (Italy) Navin Ravishankar (India) Nurtilek Konashov (Kazakhstan) Renato Vidovic (Sweden) Salvatore Liga (Belgium) Shaun Taylor Robert (South Africa) Steliyan Ivaylov (Bulgaria)

Men’s Featherweight: -65.8 kg (145 lbs)

Abdulla Fayez Abdulla Khalifa Alfayez (Bahrain) Abylay Tolesh (Kazakhstan) Aidan James (United Kingdom) Akuri Ronda (Japan) Andrea Alberto Chiappi (Italy) Arman Wilski (Poland) David Breetzke (South Africa) David Evans (USA) Filipe Catanho (Portugal) Frans Mlambo (Republicof Ireland) Gyulten Kotelov (Bulgaria) Joel Moya Schondorff (Sweden) John Mccorriston (Northern Ireland) Kantharaj Shankar (India) Leos Kastl (Czech Republic) Matt Mcmeeking (New Zealand) Nicolas Ott (France) Omer Kavakli (Denmark) Seth Connor (Canada) Tomas Baumann (Finland) Younis Shmale (Jordan) Yurii Bosyi (Ukraine)

Men’s Lightweight: -70.3 kg (155 lbs)

Ali Ebrahim Qasim Ebrahim Ebrahimi (Bahrain) Bogdan Grad (Austria) Ciaran Breslin (Northern Ireland) Davide Gregorio La Torre (Italy) Dylan Lielke (Team Canada) Ferdun Osmanov (Team Bulgaria) Frank Jarrett (New Zealand) Franklyn Rodrigues (Portugal) Guillaume Bletio (France) James Gallagher (Ireland) Joeshwa Mortada (Lebanon) Johan Andersson (Sweden) Josh Ellis (United Kingdom) Kacper Formela (Poland) Kaushik Boloor (India) Maksat Kinibayev (Kazakhstan) Marcel Els (South Africa) Mohamed Salman Ebrahim Rashed Almulla (Bahrain) Nkounessoun Eric Franck Moukan (Cameroon) Renat Esenzhanov (Czech Republic) Sam Agushi (USA) Stepan Danyshchuk (Ukraine) Tuukka Repo (Finland)

Men’s Welterweight: -77.1 kg (170 lbs)

Adam Westlund (Sweden) Alexander Martinez (Canada) Aras Dinkhah team (Germany) Asger Dissing Pedersen (Denmark) Bhoopendra Kumar (India) Birzhan Mykhambet (Kazakhstan) Celik Kaan (Austria) Djientcheu Bernard (Cameroon) Ehsan Ghandchiler (Italy) Hugo Pedreira (Portugal) Jake Constantinou (United Kingdom) John Brewin (New Zealand) Juan Rooyen Van Pierre (South Africa) Jussi Pirttikangas (Finland) Mohamad Seeto (Jordan) Mohamed Salman Ebrahim Rashed Almulla (Bahrain) Mykola Hrynchuk (Ukraine) Patryk Ruta (Poland) Paul Butacu (Romania) Rayane Bouibeb (France) Steven Moore (Northern Ireland) Tomas Fiala (Czech Republic) William Starks (USA) Yovo Nikolov (Bulgaria)

Men’s Middleweight: -83.9 kg (185 lbs)

Asterio Lucchesini (Italy) Brendan Allen (USA) Colton Boxell (Canada) Daniel Mueller Keith (Germany) Dante Jackson (New Zealand) Imad Alhowayeck (Lebanon) James Duckett (United Kingdom) Juho Laitinen (Finland) Kiefer Crosbie (Ireland) Mirza Ramic (Austria) Rostem Akman (Sweden) Ruslan Kaziyev (Kazakhstan) Sofiane Aissaoui (France)

Men’s Light Heavyweight: -93.0 kg (205 lbs)

Daniel Mcclendon (USA) David Covalenco (Austria) Denis Perry (Northern Ireland) Fahed Dandach (Lebanon) Paolo Anastasi (Italy) Robin Enontekio (Sweden) Saeid Mirzaei (Canada) Steve Steward (United Kingdom) Tencho Karaenev (Bulgaria)

Men’s Heavyweight: -120.2 kg (265 lbs)

Allan Guichard (France) Cameron Tukua (New Zealand) Daniel Galabarov (Bulgaria) Irman Smajic (Sweden) Marcin Kalata (Poland) Travis Edwards (USA) Vlad Mavrodin (Romania) Zdenek Ledvina (Czech Republic)

Men’s Super Heavyweight: +120.2 kg (+265 lbs)

Charbel Diab (Lebanon) Kevin Szaflarski (Poland) Mokhammad Malagov (Kazakhstan)