IMMAF Welcomes the Turkey Martial Arts and Self-Defence Federation

( London. May 18th 2015) The International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) celebrates the affiliation of the Turkey Martial Arts and Self-Defence Federation, acknowledging the organisation as its representative of MMA for the Republic of Turkey. Officially recognised by the Turkish government on 19th July 2013, the federation’s core purpose is youth development.  The group is responsible for the national organisation of MMA, jiu-jitsu, pankration, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Muay-Thai and kick-boxing competitions. It also organises national teams for international competition. The Turkey Martial Arts and Self-Defence Federation has 62 member clubs with an estimated 600 practitioners of MMA, and 280 national and 40 international competitors. The Board of Directors consists of Yasar Ekincioglu, Resıt Kaya, Suna Ozakti and Azız Altinbas, with Orhan Ozakti as President. The federation is a non-profit organisation that adheres to democratic statutes, in accordance with IMMAF policy. General Assemblies are held every 4 years with a commissioner from The Sport and Youth Ministry in attendance. The federation reports a good relationship with the government and other sports communities. IMMAF CEO, Densign White, said: “IMMAF is pleased to welcome the Turkey Martial Arts and Self-Defence Federation. We look forward to introducing its representatives to IMMAF’s other members at the upcoming Annual General Meeting in Las Vegas during Fight Week, and very much look forward to welcoming a Turkish team to the first IMMAF European Championships that are to be announced shortly.” For more information about the Turkey Martial Arts and Self-Defence Federation, visit:

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