Championships & Events Manager

Alistair Pettitt is a well respected British promoter of Amateur MMA, renowned for putting the safety of athletes first. In 2009, Alistair founded the promotion, FIGHT UK MMA. Initially conceived to provide a regulated and safe environment for athletes to compete in a country which lacks regulation, Alistair forged one of the most consistent MMA brands in the UK over the course of 6 years. Through this, Alistair has developed MMA industry experience in the areas of events management, legislation, marketing, accounting and athlete management.

On leaving the FIGHT UK brand as its promoter in January 2015, Alistair worked with leading figures in the UK MMA industry to aid the development of the sport through the United Kingdom Mixed Martial Arts Federation. Heading the Events Sanctioning Committee before his move to IMMAF he worked with leading UK promoters to enable voluntary third party regulation. The UFC is likewise working with the UKMMAF, with the ultimate goal of being sanctioned by the governing body in the near future.

In his role as Director of International Events for the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF), Alistair is currently working on IMMAF event calendar which includes the 2016 IMMAF European Championships in November.

Alistair is an avid lover of Cricket and family man.