Results for FIGMMA Sanctioned Colosseum MMA

The full results for FIGMMA sanctioned, “Colosseum MMA in the Cage”, have now been published. The event took place on Saturday 6th December in Sassari, Italy. The event was organized by Gianmario Mereu, head coach for A.S.D. Badboys Sassari and also FIGMMA’s representative for professional MMA in Sardinia. The event showcased both professional and  IMMAF Amateur rules bouts. The introduction of a cage under IMMAF Amateur rules is a recent step for Italy, under FIGMMA. IMMAF Amateur rules represent the highest level of Amateur competition under the federation. The venue, the Palasantoru, was dressed in the theme of ancient Rome, and became the stage for a host of action packed matches of  a reportedly high technical level. The bouts featured many Sardinian athletes, as well as talent from across Italy. In the main event showcased the only KO of the tournament – a lighting fast attack by the talented Ottavio Soro of Bad Boys Sassari, who knocked out Davide Martinez within 10 seconds. The full results have now been published by FIGMMA at and  


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