‘One of the best strikers I’ve ever seen’; John Kavanagh on SBG product Asaël Adjoudj representing France at the 2018 Amatuer World Championships

Photo via Facebook: Asaël Adjoudj (left) alongside fellow SBG man Conor McGregor (right) By IMMAF.org lead writer, Jorden Curran SBG Ireland head coach John Kavanagh describes Asaël Adjoudj as one of the best strikers he’s ever seen. So good, in fact, that the Irish MMA Association president was compelled introduce the 19-year-old to France’s own MMA Federation, CFMMA, and see him link up with the French national team for this year’s IMMAF-WMMAA Amateur MMA World Championships. Taking place from 11-18 November in Manama, Bahrain, Muay Thai and Karate specialist Adjoudj is set to represent France in the men’s lightweight division of the inaugural Junior World Championships, exclusively for athletes aged 18-20. The record breaking Senior World Championships will play out during the same week, running concurrently. “Like a huge amount of other kids, he inquired about training,” Kavanagh told IMMAF.org. “We’ve an open door policy so all are welcome as long as their attitude is right. He came for a weeks training last year then moved here full time in May this year.” From his experience within the domestic MMA circuit, it wasn’t long before Kavanagh anticipated that the young Frenchman would be an arduous task, due to his fearsome striking prowess. Meanwhile, the IMMAF platform guarantees opponents and the SBG boss saw an opportunity for Adjoudj burst onto the scene and emphatically plant a stake in the ground with victory in the week long international tournament. “The IMMAF competition is great way for ammy’s to get a lot of experience quickly; 4-5 fights in a week. I knew Asael would be very difficult to mavtch on the local scene because when people see him strike they will not want to fight him. With IMMAF he’s guaranteed competition. Of course, I would like to be greedy and have him represent Ireland, but he is French.” “For me, the long term goal of professional world champ is bigger,” Kavanagh expressed, sensationally earmarking the young Frenchman as a potential future world champion at the professional level. “He’s one of the best strikers I’ve ever seen. He’s been 100% grappling now for 6 months and is already difficult to take down. his weight class (lightweight) is incredibly competitive; this being his first experience of MMA, I’m just hoping he gets one or two fights, but more importantly, gets to experience the build up and feel of high level MMA. If he continues training, he will be champion.”

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