IMMAF cutman licensing

IMMAF Award Levels C, B & A

The IMMAF Cutman Progression includes 3 levels (C, B & A) with professional licenses issued at levels B (National Level) and A (International Level). Licenses are awarded on completion of IMMAF Cutman Certification courses and based on records of events serviced, as outlined below.

Class C Certificate

This is an entry level course on which a certificate of attendance can be obtained. The aim is to provide participants with a general education in the field and the course is designed as an introduction for participants who would like to progress to the Class B licensing course.

A Class C course certificate of attendance enables participants to shadow experienced, IMMAF qualified Cutmen of Class A level.

Their duties may consist of:

– Hand wrapping
– Greasing athletes before entering the Octagon
– Shadowing an experienced Cutman with Class A status on amateur or professional events

A Class C Cutman should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the Unified Rules of MMA.

A minimum of 3 months must pass before Class C course participants may sit the Class B Cutman Certification Course Exam.

Class B License – National Level

Participants who have served a minimum of 3 months shadowing Class A Cutmen may apply through their national federation to sit the Class B written and practical examination.

A Class B license will allow them to service amateur matches only that take place over 3 x 3 minute rounds and only after they have participated in Fetac Level 5 first aid course, or similar.

Each participant will be handed an activity logbook which demands that they service a minimum of 20 MMA events to include an average 280 bouts, over a minimum time frame of 2 years from the time and date of being issued the Class B licence. The logbook can only be signed off by IMMAF officials at national IMMAF events and forwarded for review on completion of attendance to the required number of events/ bouts. Only IMMAF official signatures, dates, the event and duties may be entered into the log book which may be presented as evidence on application for Class A Licensing.

On completion of the logbook, Class B Cutmen must service an event under a Class A Cutman.

To be successful in their application for a Class A licence, a Class B Cutman must demonstrate;

– an understanding of the role of a Cutman under the Unified Rules of MMA
– an understanding of core values of the profession e.g. fighter safety first over self promotion
– adherence to the use of natural hemostatic agents only (i.e. non prescribed substances that do not require training such as alginate dressings in the treatment of wounds)
– adherence to dress code and professionalism.

The Class A License – International Level

In order to be eligible to participate in an IMMAF International Cutman Certification course, participants must already have a national level Cutman Certificates Grades C & B and have a minimum of two years national level experience.

Those who have just qualified and attained a Class A licence as a Cutman may service both amateur and professional matches, including main event and title fights.

Each participant will be provided with an activity logbook which demands that they service a minimum of 30 MMA Events, to include approximately 420 bouts within a minimum time frame of 3 years from the time and date of being issued a Class A licence. The logbook can only be signed off by IMMAF officials, including Class A Cutmen at national & international amateur and professional events. The logbook will be forwarded for review on completion of the required bouts, in order that the Cutman may retain his/ her Class A license.

It is mandatory that IMMAF licensed Cutmen participate in a minimum of 10 hours of Career Professional Development annually e.g. first aid courses, wound care, research, evidence based an referenced articles which can be published or submitted for review through IMMAF.