Czech Association of Mixed Martial Arts (MMAA) presents Battle of the Year 2015

This weekend gone, on March 19th, “Bitva roku 2015” (or Battle of the Year) took place in Prague, in the Czech Republic, under the auspices of the Czech Association of Mixed Martial Arts (MMAA). The event showcased twelve professional matches, including two European bouts and one world title fight. The title matches were between experienced domestic and international fighters, one of whom was a winner of the 2014 IMMAF World Championships of Amateur MMA, Alessio di Chirico. Di Chirico defeated Czech European title holder, Andre Reinders to win the WFCA European title. Among other wrestlers from abroad, there were also competitors from London Shootfighters. In the main match of the evening, Czech fighter Petr “Pino” Ondruš was defeated on points, in the World International Caveam Championship, by Russian wrestler Dmitry Samoilova from renowned th Red Devil Sport Club. See below for the results: • Petr Ondruš defeated Dmitry Samoilov – points • Alessio di Chirico defeated André Reinders – KO, Round 3 • Makhmud Muradova defeated Andreas Birgels – TKO • Artem Kotov defeated Michal Vostrý – points (3: 0) • Amir Albazi defeated Ondřej Moravec – TKO (GNP), 1st Round • Stanislav Futera defeated František Fodor – points (3: 0) • Magdalena Šormová defeated Melitta Ignácz – TKO (GNP), 1st Round • Robert Pukač defeated Adam Sindelar – points (3: 0) • Stanislav Sobotka defeated Robert Hanász – Submission (Guillotine), 1st Round • Martin Řehka defeated Jakub Fabian – points (3: 0) • David Makovička defeated Miloš Marák – TKO (GNP), 1st Round • Martin Friedl defeated: Oskar Wroblewski – Submission (RNC), 2nd round


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