DMMAF develops national ranking system

The Danish Mixed Martial Arts Federation have implemented a new points system starting from January 2016 that will streamline the nation’s best performing amateurs towards national titles and the IMMAF World Amateur Championships. The DMMAF announced this month that all fighters will begin 2016 with a score of 0, regardless of current records. The rankings system rewards both winning results as well as athletes who are consistently active. Athletes will be awarded at least 25 points each time they compete. Bout winners will be awarded 100 points and in the event of a draw each athletes will earn 50 points. At the end of the year the no.1 and no.2 ranked competitors in each weight class will face off to determine the Danish champion. If either fighter does not compete they will surrender their position in the finals to the next ranked contender. Winners of the DMMAF finals will earn a place on the Danish National Amateur Team for the following year’s IMMAF World Championships. In events where nations are permitted to enter 2 athletes for each weight division then the next ranked amateur will also progress to the National Team. Athletes who change weight class during the year will begin at 0 points in the new category. However, existing points earned in their previous division will remain should they switch back. Starting from 2016 points earned from each bout will remain for a period of 12 months. After 12 months from the Monday after each bout the allocated points from this fight will reduce by 50%. So 100 points earned from a single victory would reduce to 50. After 24 months from the Monday after each bout the allocated points will decrease by a further 50% and will no longer be applicable in the rankings. The DMMAF have expressed how they wish to present fresh opportunity to all athletes who want to compete more and gain experience. The DMMAF believe that the new points system will motivate Amateur Mixed Martial Artists and make it easier for Danish team leaders to recognize who the top performing athletes are. For more information on the DMMAF visit 

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