Cameroon Launches Educational MMA Programme in Secondary Schools

MMA Cameroon
Cameroon’s National Fighting Sports Multi-Martial Arts Association launches its MMA in schools programme at the Amasia Bilingual School Complex. The president of MMA governing body NFSMMA and president of umbrella martial arts federation FECAKUWUDA were present at the secondary school for the launch, and are pictured with the school’s headmaster and leaders. The first school’s educational MMA instructor will be teaching at this establishment, ahead of other schools adopting the programme across the country. NFSMMA president, Guy Bertrand Olomo commented: “My objective is to make educational MMA a major academic discipline throughout secondary schools in Cameroon. Through educational MMA, students receive technical mental and moral guidance that will develop their minds to become more attentive and disciplined across the school curriculum. “MMA is not just a combat sport but it is also an educational sport. As national president of MMA governing body, NFSMMA, I am very happy that MMA will now be taught in educational and secondary schools in Cameroon. I would like to thank IMMAF’s international technical director, Bertrand Amoussou, who has supported this program.”


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