Bulgarian MMA Federation to ‘work closely’ with National Anti-doping, says President Stanislav Nedkov

Picture: BULMMAF President Stanislav Nedkov (left) alongside Bulgarian Sports Minister Krasen Kralev (right). Stanislav Nedkov, President of the Bulgarian Mixed Martial Arts Federation (BULMMAF), has revealed discussions that will see Bulgaria’s national governing body for MMA begin to ‘work closely’ with the country’s National Anti-Doping Centre. Operating under the banner of the IMMAF, BULMMAF is officially recognized and supported by the nation’s Ministry of Sport. Speaking via social media yesterday, the BULMMAF President announced; (translated) “Today I had a meeting with the Executive Director of the Anti-doping Centre in Bulgaria, Dr. Violeta Zarkova. For me, as President of BULMMAF, it is very important to keep our sport clean and not let anyone tarnish and question the international successes achieved by the federation and our athletes. “With Dr. Zarkova I agree that BULMMAF and the Anti-Doping Centre must work closely and be uncompromising in affording anyone to use illegal stimulants and methods.” Since 2015, IMMAF has implemented anti-doping testing at each of its World and continental championship finals, in accordance with the standards of WADA and Sport Accord. Later that day, the governing body head attended the opening of newly developed training facility, ‘Force’ (pictured below) Situated at a redeveloped warehouse in the northwestern city of Vrasta, Force is the latest MMA club to register as an approved BULMMAF member. force-gym By IMMAF.org lead writer and website manager, Jorden Curran

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