AUTMMAF Announces 2015 Amateur Competition Schedule

The Austrian MMA Federation (AUTMMAF) has announced its Amateur competition schedule for 2015. The competitions will take place over 5 dates at the Champions Sportcenter  in Graz, Austria.

  • March 2015:         AUTMMAF Cup 6
  • May 2015:             AUTMMAF Cup 7
  • July 2015:              AUTMMAF Cup 8
  • September 2015:   AUTMMAF Cup 9
  • November 2015:    AUTMMAF Cup 10

The bouts will take place under IMMAF rules with the following stipulations: Rounds: 3 x 3 Minutes Forbidden Techniques: – no elbows- and forearm attacks (general, standing and on theground) – no knees to the head (general) – no heelhooks, no ankle locks – no upkicks The following athletes are not permitted to compete in the Amateur level MMA competitions: – B-Class Kick- or Thai-boxers – Professional Boxers – International level wrestlers/ grapplers For further information contact For more information about the Austrian MMA Federation (AUTMMAF) visit:    

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