‘Amateur success has inspired a lot of people in Lebanon’

IMMAF board member Wissam Abi Nader says that many people have been inspired to get involved with MMA in his home nation of Lebanon, following the 2016 IMMAF World Championships triumph of Super-Heavyweight Gold medal winner Charbel Diab (pictured above).

Photo via Facebook: IMMAF world champion Charbel Diab on set
“It inspired a lot of people to train in MMA and become more involved,” the IMMAF board member explained. “It made a lot of people dream and athletes were especially motivated after Charbel’s win. Charbel was honoured by national leaders and other known figures in Lebanon. It created a huge buzz here in Lebanon and now everybody wants to be a part of it and achieve something themselves.” With destructive ability, the 6’7″ 23-year-old maintained an unrelenting pace and power complete shocking endurance to upset the #2016IMMAFWorlds 265lb+ bracket in July, 2016. The newly crowned world champion returned to Beirut where he received a hero’s welcome in addition to national honors, news coverage and media appearances. In December of 2015 the Lebanese MMA Committee completed significant steps for the sport at an academic and grass roots level, in collaboration with The Arts, Sciences and Technology University in Lebanon (AUL) which has introduced mixed martial arts as a regular academic course for students – for more information click HERE.

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