World championships sanctioned by US Federation

The preparations for the IMMAF world championships in Las Vegas 2014 are going on full steam. IMMAF headquarters are busy chiselling out the practicalities of the tournament meanwhile the member federations prepare for their national try-outs. On the ground in the USA a lot of the work is being done by the US Federation headed up by President Frank Babcock. “We are excited to be able to welcome all fellow IMMAF members to our country and hope to see a great turnout of athletes. Currently our main focus is working with the Nevada State Athletic Commission to get the proper legal set-up for the championships, and also plan our own national try-outs which will be announced momentarily.” says Babcock. The IMMAF world championships will be formally sanctioned by the UMMAF as they have a state license from the Nevada State Athletic Commission to act as a sanctioning body for amateur MMA. “One of the reasons we picked the USA as the host nation for the first world championships was that it is one of the few countries in the world with a tried and tested legal sanctioning system for MMA. This is of course what we aim to achieve everywhere – for MMA to be properly sanctioned in some form, weather that be through state commissions or through national MMA federations with state licenses to self-regulate and sanction the sport.” says IMMAF President August Wallén. For more information on the world championships visit

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