Welcome Romania

Another member country joins the IMMAF, this time we send a warm welcome to Romania. Heading up the establishment of a new federation and legal non-profit entity under the Ministry of Youth and Sport is the board of the MMA organization AGON backed by a broad representation of the Romanian MMA community. Since the representatives of AGON first applied to the IMMAF they have worked to join the MMA community that currently consists of approximately 20 pure MMA clubs and non-profit MMA organizations around the country. With majority of the organizations on board and willing to join a new Romanian MMA Federation the work now continues with formal registration at the Ministry of Youth and Sport. “Mixed martial arts has become extremely popular in Romania over the past few years and we believe that the establishment of the IMMAF represents a great achievement for the growing sport, here as well as around the world” says George Stanciu, President of AGON. “We are excited for the chance to take the responsibility of creating the new Romanian Mixed Martial Arts Federation (RMMAF) with full assistance and support from the IMMAF. We started with 12 local and regional legally established organizations of MMA enthusiasts and now we have the chance to put our entire effort in establishing a federation that protects and serves this sport both from a legal and an athletic perspective.” Also a member of the AGON board, Mihail Mihailovici is highly involved in the work and has assumed the role of contact person for the new federation. “We are confident that RMMAF with IMMAF assistance will significantly accelerate the development of MMA in Romania” he says. “Very soon a substantial number of new members will join us and in not too long we will organize the first official Romanian amateur MMA Championship.” The Romanian championship will take place in the first quarter of 2014, more information to follow in the coming weeks. The IMMAF has mandated the board of AGON to seek cooperation with all MMA clubs and organizations in the country, and we welcome everyone to contact our new representatives to discuss how to get affiliated and/or help out in the work going forward. You will find contact information under the section Members.

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