Video: Norman Parke feels better off after adapting to IV ban

Ahead of his October 24 UFC Fight Night victory over Reza Madadi in Dublin, Ireland, Norman Parke discussed with MMA Plus how he adapted to the recently implemented ban on intravenous re-hydration (IV) and feels better for it. Following a meeting with UFC Vice-president of Athlete Health and Performance Jeff Novitzky, the Northern Irishman detailed aspects of the ban that he found particularly justifying, such as the potential to mask performance enhancing drugs and that use of an IV does not effectively hydrate the brain. As a former user of IV re-hydration, Parke explained how the ban enabled him to adapt his fight preparations and weight management, which has made him feel like a better functioning athlete. Furthermore, Parke expressed his enthusiasm for the idea of bringing weight gain restrictions to MMA, which would limit the amount of weight that a fighter would be able to put on between the weigh-in and fight, in order to bring the true weight of an athlete closer to that of the division they compete in, as well as reduce the opportunity for significant size advantages.

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