Updated schedule: Colombian Championships and Qualifying

Colombian MMA

The Colombian Association of Mixed Martial Arts (OCAMM) continues it’s busy qualifying schedule for amateur athletes this weekend ahead of the 2016 Colombian National Championships and IMMAF World Championships. The OCAMM is in the process of conducting qualifying stages with the next regional tournament taking place this weekend on April 9 in the capital city of Bogota. On April 23 further tournaments will take place in two additional cities as the next step establish the competitors selected for Colombia’s National Amateur Championships. Following this the national champions of each weight category will be chosen to proceed with registration for the 2016 IMMAF World Championships as part of Colombia’s OCAMM National Team set to compete in Las Vegas. On May 23 the National Championships will be held in Bogota, Colombia. Regional tournamets will each be regulated by OCAMM regional nodes. The Colombian National Championships will be regulated by the OCAMM Technical Committee. OCAMM updated schedule: Colombia schedule                       For more information on the Colombian Association of Mixed Martial Arts visit ocamm.org.

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