Ukraine latest addition to the IMMAF

The IMMAF is proud to announce the joining of a key European country to our IMMAF member family – Ukraine. Our new member brings all the competence and history in martial arts that is significant with the eastern parts of Europe, as well as a strong relationship to its own government and sports community. Established in 2002, the All Ukrainian Federation of Free-fight and Single Combat has diligently worked for over a decade in developing MMA (historically referred to in Ukraine as free-fight) and representing the sport all over the country. Registered and acknowledged from the start by the Ministry of Justice, the federation has a long standing cooperation with the government. Today the Federation has what is called a National status assigned by the Ministry of Family, Youth and Sport. In order to align with the IMMAF statutes the Federation has started the process of changing its name from Free-fight and Single Combat to MMA to ensure common terminology all over the world. -“We are very pleased to get such a knowledgeable and established representative in one of Europe’s largest countries, thus ensuring the inclusion of thousands of practitioners in the global MMA community. In addition, the Ukrainian Federation brings a wealth of experience in representing MMA towards the government that other members can benefit from in their mutual exchange” says August Wallén, IMMAF President. The Federation is well equipped for the task of representing the MMA community, with 23 regional representatives in the 27 regions of Ukraine and more than 70 member organizations, all of them non-profit and registered in accordance with the requirements of Ukrainian legislation. The Federation has the stated purpose of developing MMA to the highest level, consistent with the requirements of the Olympic movement and the achievements of science in physical education and sport, as well as provide equal rights for all members to practice MMA and take part in competitions, seminars and so forth.                      

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