Tryouts round up ahead of IMMAF European Open


As the IMMAF European Open Championships approaches, from November 19-22, so does the October 16 deadline for competitor entries. Over the past weekend several IMMAF member nations held their national tryouts in order to determine their squad of athletes who will compete across the various weight classes at the IMMAF European Open in Birmingham, England. IMMAF members who completed national tryouts on the weekend of October 3 included, CFMMA (France), UKMMAF (UK), and FMMAF (Finland). Finland’s national tryouts took place in the town of Hyvinkaa, approximately 50km north of the capital, Helsinki. On October 4 France’s CFMMA announced the completion of the French athlete tryouts which took place in the capital city of Paris (pictured above). The final regional tryout held by the UKMMAF took place in Leeds, England (pictured below). Still to come, Portugal’s CAPMMA will conduct its national team tryouts in conjunction with the PowerExpo, in Maia, next to Porto on October 11. Team UK

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