The Seychelles joins IMMAF global family

Mixed Martial Arts is growing faster than ever and today the IMMAF is proud to present a young, dedicated federation that just gained membership in our global family – The Seychelles Mixed Martial Arts Association. The Seychelles Mixed Martial Arts Association (MMAS) was officially registered as a federation on July 23rd 2013. Initially, a few individuals who all at different points in time had trained MMA in the UK decided to form an MMA club in the Seychelles. However, when initial enquiries were made as to how one should go about setting up an MMA club it was quickly discovered that there was no real platform allowing individuals to form their own clubs whilst being registered as members of a single federation or association. It was then that these individuals, through assistance from representatives of the National Sports Council of Seychelles and the Seychelles National Olympic Committee went about setting up a system that would allow MMA clubs from all over the country to be represented by a single independent governing body. “During the process of setting up the Federation we were introduced to the IMMAF whose staff provided the us with all the necessary information and advice” says Mr. Adrian Nanty, MMAS board member and the person responsible for coordinating with the IMMAF. “After months of preparation such as the drafting of a constitution with objectives that were in line with requirements of the IMMAF, we submitted a formal application that then resulted in approval for observation membership.” Today, MMAS continues to see stable growth as more and more people in the Seychelles become aware of the sport. So far, MMAS has been fortunate enough to receive a substantial amount of support from the general public and other organizations. The federation is committed to over the coming years develop future MMA champions, referees, judges, regulators and fans. “The Seychelles Mixed Martial Arts Association (MMAS) is recognized by the National Sports Council pending their full affiliation membership status. The Association, though young, is proving to be a very serious and energetic Association and the members are taking their responsibilities very seriously.  The NSC will be most pleased to welcome the MMAS as a full member in due course” says Ms. Giovanna Rousseau, CEO of the Seychelles National Sports Council. I think the Seychelles is a good example of how MMA can get a successful and stable start in a new market” says IMMAF Director of Communications Erika Mattsson. “The founders of the MMAS were meticulous in consulting key players in the sport as well as enquiring what formal demands are posed on a national federation, not just by the IMMAF but also more importantly by the authorities in their country. Engaging with the government and having an open policy from the start is a very good way to demonstrate to those in power what MMA is really about and the value of proper governance of the sport from within the MMA community itself.”  

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