The IMMAF welcomes New Zealand

The IMMAF is proud to present the first member federation from Oceania – New Zealand. The New Zealand Mixed Martial Arts Federation is the result of a broad collaboration of individuals across the MMA community who have come together to bring the sport forward. The NZMMAF consists of a group of 15 representatives who have come together from various parts of the New Zealand MMA community to start a federation and bring New Zealand into the IMMAF. This group includes representatives from both the amateur and professional side; athletes, referees, coaches, businessmen – united in a passion for the sport of MMA. -“I do know that this is definitely a great moment for MMA in New Zealand. The sport’s growing exponentially and the general consensus amongst our members was that we needed to work together to assist that growth.” says NZMMAF Vice President Nyra Phillips. “We want to see MMA be a part of every New Zealander’s life, and when we looked at the IMMAF’s core principles we felt they reflected our vision of where the sport can go, so becoming a member was a natural part of our process.” Headed up by one of New Zealand’s pioneers in MMA, Mr. Terry Hill, and Ms. Nyra Phillips, long-time fan and catalyst in the MMA community, the NZMMAF has set up clear common goals in addition to complying with IMMAF requirements. The federation has also already been in contact for a while with Sports New Zealand, official government organisation responsible for sport and recreation, and is structuring the federation so that it meets all formal demands. -“Being in a country that doesn’t have MMA legislation means our job as the sanctioning organization won’t be easy but I’m confident we’ll be successful.  The talent of our members and the guidance of the IMMAF will make sure of that.” says Phillips. “Ultimately, the purpose of the NZMMAF is to protect and serve this sport that we love but one of the biggest effects I see is also my personal favorite – that our athletes will know there are people who care about them and are working hard, not only to get them more opportunities to compete but also to keep them safe.”   The founding incorporated society members of the NZMMAF will act as the board and will formally start accepting members once the federation’s statutes are put in place. Board members in addition to President Hill and Vice President Phillips are Howie Booth, Gary Chalklin, Chris Easley, Api Taia, Margaret Ngapera, Steve Oliver, Ren Sadlier, Ermehn Sakaria, Pina Simpson, Tom Ngapera, Matt Toa, Jason Vorster and Hamish Robertson.      

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