Team Iceland soon to announce themselves on IMMAF world stage

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Pictured: Team Iceland’s head coach Jon Vidar (left) Haraldur Nelson (centre left) Gunnar Nelson (centre right) John Kavanagh (right). From November 19 to 22 amateur mixed martial artists from Iceland will take part in an IMMAF event for the very first time, as the national team travels to compete in the 2015 IMMAF European Open Championships at the Walsall Sports Centre. As many nations have done, and continue to do, Iceland will make national history in the sport of MMA with its first  team of leading amateur contenders uniting to represent their country and announce themselves on Amateur MMA’s world stage. While Iceland are yet to establish a presence in IMMAF competition, the team is preceded by a strong reputation created by the nation’s sole hub for MMA development, the famed Mjolnir Gym in the capital city of Reykjavík. Mjolnir serves as the birthplace for every budding standout in the country, whether they be amateur or professional. With the team’s selection pool including every eligible national competitor, there’s no question that Iceland has selected the best possible national team. Mjolnir is one of the fastest growing gyms in European MMA, well known as the home of UFC welterweight standout Gunnar Nelson and for playing host to “The Notorious” Conor McGregor. It can therefore be expected that Iceland’s national amateurs will surely have all the inspiration they could hope for in front of them. Under the guidance of coaches Arni Isaksson, Jon Vidar Arnthorsson and team leader Haraldur Nelson, Iceland’s national amateur team includes: Sunna Davidsdottir Rannveig – Women’s Flyweight Ingibjorg Birna Arsaelsdottir – Women’s Bantamweight Bjartur Gudlaugsson – Men’s Featherweight Bjarki Omarsson – Men’s Lightweight Bjarki Thor Palsson – Welterweight Hrolfur Olafsson – Middleweight Egill Øydvin Hjordisarson – Light-Heavyweight Petur Oskarsson – Heavyweight

Conor McGregor is a training partner of Gunnar Nelson and a familiar face at Mjolnir Gym

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