Swedish team leader reviews 2017: Another golden year for the world’s top ranked nation

Pictured above: SMMAF Swedish National Amateur Team 2017. 2017 was another golden year for Sweden, operating under the Swedish MMA Federation (SMMAF) as the world’s leader in international amateur MMA. Despite increased threat from the surging Bulgarian and Kazakhstan national teams; Sweden, the world’s no.1 ranked nation, further extended its lead atop the international IMMAF rankings. Sweden topped the medal table at both the 2017 IMMAF World Championships and Asian Open, in addition to having the highest total medal count at the European Open. The nation’s 2017 success was reviewed in the excerpt below, written by Christer Ringblom, team leader of the Swedish national squad: pictured above is the Swedish MMA National Team for 2017. If we look back, I have to stress that it has been an excellent success. Now, the official team is dissolved following the IMMAF World Championships (ahead of selections for 2018 competition). Thank you to all the athletes who have been in the championships, training and sharpening your ability in hope of competing at IMMAF competitions. I would like to emphasize that without the competition we have at home, we would not be able to perform as we do in away events, all of which are needed for us to be the best in the world. Coaches, trainers and club leaders nationwide – you are part of the amazing development that makes team Sweden the world’s best national team, we are all part of our achievement. Right now we’re loading up everyone for SM (SMMAF National League Championships & national team qualifiers). I’m excited to see the outcome there – how will the National Team 2018 look? I’m waiting with anticipation. What I know is we’re going to be as strong as we were 2017, it is because we have such good structure and competition at home. To you, the athletes and the coaches who stand in the SM, I say, good luck. To those that go another way: thank you for the time I had to experience with each and every one of you and good luck. Finally, I would like to thank all the supporters who followed the MMA team @MMAlandslaget. Keep following us, ’cause there’s more! Christer Ringblom, Manager. From 29 March-2 April Sweden competed at the IMMAF European Open Championships in Sofia, Bulgaria, with 16 athletes they achieved 13 medals. Gold Medal: Fannie Redman – Women’s Flyweight Cornelia Holm – Women’s Bantamweight Anton Turkalj – Light-Heavyweight Irman Smajic – Super-Heavyweight Silver Medal: Anna Astvik – Women’s Flyweight Tobias Harila – Men’s Lightweight Oskar Karlström Biller – Welterweight Khaled Laallam – Light-Heavyweight Bronze Medal: Anja Saxmark – Women’s Flyweight Eva-my persson – Women’s Bantamweight Higher Salih – Men’s Featherweight Axel Karlsson – Welterwegith Heytham Rabhi – Middleweight 11 athletes competed from 12-16 June in Singapore at the IMMAF Asian Open Championships. 9 athletes took home medals. Gold Medal: Gabriella Ringblom – Women’s Flyweight Tobias Harila – Men’s Lightweight Heytham Rabhi – Middleweight Irman Smajic – Heavyweight Silver Medal: Anja Saxmark – Women’s Flyweight Renato Vidivic – Men’s Bantamweight Anton Turkalj – Light-Heavyweight Bronze Medal: Daniel Schälander – Men’s Featherweight Axel Karlsson – Welterweight At the IMMAF World Championships in Bahrain, 12-19 November, Sweden took 15 athletes. With over 250 athletes from close to 50 nations registered to compete, Sweden secured 5 medals. In addition, Khaled laallam was awarded as the tournament’s best Male athlete. Gold Medal: Anna Astvik – Women’s Flyweight Serdar Altas – Men’s Flyweight Khaled Laallam – Light-Heavyweight Irman Smajic – Heavyweight Bronze Medal: Anton Turkalj – Light-Heavyweight The Swedish national team is currently top of the IMMAF national team rankings:

top 10 teams
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In the current individual athlete world rankings, Sweden has produced the no.1 rated athlete in 7 of the 14 weight divisions and 6 of the world’s top 10 athletes in the pound-for-pound rankings:
top 10 p4p
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For more information on the Swedish Mixed Martial Arts Federation (SMMAF) visit smmaf.se.

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