Support IMMAF – For the love of the sport!

The IMMAF is working to develop and further the sport of MMA around the world. Our vision is to one day get MMA accepted on the Olympic program and we will not rest until that vision has come true. As important as that vision is though, we must first focus on the very basic fact of getting formal and informal recognition for MMA as a sport. We are constantly talking to as many people as possible and in a positive, humble and straight-forward manner educate and inform about MMA. Through continous efforts we hope to start turning attention to what MMA really is and the potential it has globally, but we need the help of the MMA community! For all of you who love MMA and want to be part of the journey, here is how you can help: • Download our banner pack and add to your webpage (feel free to link to this page) • Join our facebook page and download a picbadge • Tweet, chat, write and raise your voice – let the world know what MMA means to you! • Donate a small sum to the IMMAF to support our continued work, click here  

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