Sport MMA introduced into Indian Schools & Colleges Programme – Sports For All

As an ongoing process of establishing itself as one of the most active IMMAF affiliates globally, the All India Mixed Martial Arts Association has been hosting events and partnering with brand leaders in India to promote MMA. The year 2016 has proven no less with continued sanctioning of Super Fight League shows, another successful mega event with BodyPower and a new circuit of amateur MMA events, such as UnderDoggs MMA Delhi and the Bangalore Open MMA Championships. AIMMAA continues to surge ahead as the leading MMA governing body in India. The most important and unique fact about AIMMAA is that it is the only Indian MMA body to receive permission from the highest sporting authorities of the Indian Government for every AIMMAA sanctioned event. AIMMAA is the creator organization of Sport MMA which is considered as one of the progression pathways for children and teenagers towards Mixed Martial Arts. AIMMAA’s success lies not just with a team of Indian MMA pioneers but an elaborate infrastructure stacked with some of the most credible and recognized personalities from the Indian martial arts community. Early this year AIMMAA hosted a nationwide elections among its team of active member officials and from that National committee. Five of its delegates  received an overwhelming number of votes due to their outstanding contribution towards the development of MMA in India: Samuel Lalrozama is a veteran of Muay Thai and has made significant developments in the North East of India. Prasad Gaitonde comes from a successful business and fitness background and has contributed greatly towards the setting up of technical systems within the AIMMAA national administration. Alan Fenandes is one of the pioneers of BJJ and MMA in the country and has been working tirelessly teaching seminars across India.  Shaik Khalid from Telangana has produced some of the most well trained amateur MMA athletes in the country. The fifth team member on the National working committee comes from a traditional martial arts background and has worked much of his career as a leading delegate / member with the National Karate Federation: Sharif Bapu is the President of the National Working Committee and has been a leading team member who has contributed towards the developments of MMA in India through AIMMAA. This month AIMMAA is proud to announce its partnership with ‘Sports for All’, one of India’s biggest sports platforms for school students. ‘Sports For All’ is a first-of-its-kind organization set out to revolutionize the way India plays inter-school sports and inter-college sports. By the way of commissioning a professional and an all-encompassing sporting eco-system, SFA has endeavoured to enable the next generation athletes from every school and college who aspire to represent India. Drawing inspiration from leading grass roots development programs worldwide and evolving them further, SFA is resolved to provide young Indian players a sporting environment comparable to that experienced by international athletes. Sports For All is working relentlessly towards systematising the inter-school and inter-college sports eco-system in the country by providing a singular, integrated and an all-inclusive platform for young athletes, coaches and sporting services for schools and colleges across India, one city at a time with a focused approach. They have thus assumed the responsibility of creating champions in India who will go ahead to represent the country at the international level in the years to come. Last year the event was attended by 6000 Students in 9 disciplines. This year the event will feature a record number of  35,000 students in 26 disciplines and for the first time in the history of Indian MMA over 500 students from Schools & Colleges across Mumbai Region as ‘Sport MMA’ has been included as one of the 26 sporting disciplines under SFA. AIMMAA is proud to announce that Sharif Bapu has been the sole AIMMAA delegate responsible through continued efforts over numerous meetings and presentations to introduce ‘Sport MMA’ as one of the recognized disciplines under SFA this year from the 5th – 24th Dec. For more information: Pictured: Sharif Bapu with Daniel Isaac Sharif Bapu  Daniel Isaac

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