SFL 47 results: India’s amateur scene continues to deliver

As the IMMAF World Championships approaches, India’s busy amateur scene continues to deliver with another weekend of grass roots developments showcased at SFL 47 in Delhi. Standout Indian MMA promotion Super Fight League hosted five amateur bouts on the undercard on it’s professional show last week with full regulation provided by the All India Mixed Martial Arts Association (AIMMAA). Scroll down for event details and bout results. AIMMAA’s year began with the January India Open MMA Championships in which the government recognised sanctioning body regulated 99 amateur bouts with competitors making their way to Mumbai from Bahrain, Afghanistan, Iran, Ivory Coast, Republic of Congo and Sweden. India’s MMA scene has remained busy with grass roots events taking place across the nation with featured recognition for a groundbreaking local show that saw sanctioned MMA take place in India’s rural North Eastern region. IMMAF.org recently featured a series of interview with AIMMAA National Commissioner Daniel Isaac who detailed the great developments made by India and the AIMMAA over its many years, culminating in his explanation of why India is ready to host the UFC. SFL 47 Results Date: 19th Mar, 2016 City: Delhi Country: India Arena: Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Name of Org and name of Event: SFL  47 [ www.superfightleague.com ] Commission : All India MMA Association.[ www.aimmaa.org ] Judges: Mayank Dogra- Delhi |  Shwetha Dhruv- Chattisgarh  |   Bharath /Shubhash – Delhi Chief Judge / Score Card Keeper :  Sharif Bapu Timekeeper: Bharath / Monica / Shwetha Announcers: Jared Ezekiel Solomon Event commissioners : Sharif Bapu [ Maharashtra] , Prasad Gaitonde [ Karnataka] Bout: 1 : FULL NAME: Shivan Chandhan [Kshastra Gym http://www.aimmaa.org/kshastra-combat-gym.html] FULL NAME : Vijay Saini [ Knockout Fight Club http://www.aimmaa.org/knockout-fightclub.html] Result: Vijay Saini, Black corner wins by TKO [ strikes , GNP ] Round: 1 Time: 1 min 10 sec Referee: Alan Fenandes Bout: 2 : Name: Akshay Singh [ Delhi ] Name: Nitesh Yadav [ Maharashtra ] Result: Akshay Singh, Black Corner, Winner by opponent withdrawal Round: End of round R2 Time: 00:00 of Round # 3 Referee: Alan Fenandes Bout: 3 : Name: Gary Dogra [Kshastra Gym http://www.aimmaa.org/kshastra-combat-gym.html ] Name: Arvind Kumar [ Independent ] Result: Gary Dogra, Red corner wins by Submission RNC Round: 1 Time: 57 sec Referee: Alan Fenandes Bout 4 : Name: Farad Hazratzada : Afghanistan Name: Ankith Chaoudhary : India Result: Farad, Red Corner wins by Submission RNC Round: 1 Time: 48 sec Referee: Alan Fenandes Bout 5 : Amateur Main event Name: Akshay Rana [ Uttarakhand ] Name: Mohd. Bilal [ Telangana ] Result: Md. Bilal, Black corner Wins by Split Decision Round: 3 Referee: Alan Fenandes For more information on the AIMMAA visit aimmaa.org. You can find AIMMAA on Twitter @mmafedindia

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