Romanian Team Tryouts Live Broadcast Tonight


Tonight, February 29 2016, under the name of “MMA Division – RMMAF SERIES 9″, the Romanian MMA Federation (RMMAF) hosts the first stage of its national tryouts for IMMAF events in 2016 at the Globus Circus, in Bucharest. It is the first time in Romania that a qualifying stage for the IMMAF Amateur MMA championships is being televised and broadcast live on one of the country’s biggest sports channels, Representatives from the Romanian Ministry of Youth and Sport are in attendance to observe the event as as a part of the sport recognition process for MMA in Romania. The event is also being held in cooperation with the Romanian Anti-doping Agency. The RMMAF event sees competitors structured into three groups so as to provide a value for all practitioners of MMA according to experience, as follows: Only class A (advanced) Amateur athletes that have at least 2 years experience in contact sports are eligible for 2016 IMMAF championships tryouts. This group must not have participated in professional level competitions. Athletes can qualify for the team tryouts based on performance and experience. Class B (beginner) is the competition category for Amateur athletes who have less than two years experience in contact sports and aims to familiarize athletes with the fighting area, equipment and rules of Amateur MMA competition. Participants in this class are not eligible to apply to compete in IMMAF competitions. Class S (super fight) caters for athletes who have previously fought in professional events but also want to gain more technical experience under Amateur rules. For example,  2014 IMMAF World Championship silver medallist Nicolo Bonati is turning professional and will only be eligible for super fights on RMMAF events moving forwards. All matches will be held under IMMAF Unified Amateur MMA rules. Techniques that carry a high risk of injury such as  elbow strikes, knees to the head and and ankle joint and knee twists are prohibited. All details of access to the venue, schedule and tickets are available on

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