Romanian MMA Federation – Wallachia Cup of MMA

The Romanian MMA Federation (RMMAF) presents the “Wallachia Cup of MMA”, on 14th December. The event commences at  10:00 a.m. and takes place at  Mircea Eliade Sport School in Bucharest.


The contest is the fourth Amateur Romanian MMA Championship to be organized under IMMAF rules, and comprises three levels based on competitor experience:
  • A Class –   For athletes with martial arts experience of 2 years, but without professional MMA matches.
  • B Class –   For athletes with less than 2 years experience in martial arts.
  • Superfights Class –  Only for athletes who already have  experience in Professional MMA matches, but want to gain more competition experience under Amateur rules and regulation. This is with a view to providing a safe and controlled environment for athletic development
Only  A Class competitors will be eligible for selection for IMMAF international competition.  
Officials for the event will be provided by AGON Sports Club Officials Committee which represents the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation in Romania.  

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