Review of IAPA Shadow Sanctioning & UKMMAF Meeting at UFC Dublin

On October 24 the UFC showcased another standout event in the heart of Ireland at Dublin’s 3Arena. Throughout the Fight Week leading to Oct.24, the Irish Amateur Pankration Association (IAPA) were present to overview the governing procedures as part of a shadow-sanctioning agreement. The UFC is known to self-regulate in a number of locations outside of the United States, and with great effect. However, this is something that the promotion is actively looking to move away from by aiding the development of all national governing bodies under the IMMAF umbrella until they reach point where they are ready to take over. IAPA stand as Ireland’s official representative to the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF), with an eventual aim to govern all of Irish MMA, and in doing so have the full backing of the UFC. IAPA board member Deano O’Sullivan outlined some of IAPA’s shadow-sanctioning schedule and its benefits: “First thing to note was that at UFC Dublin the IAPA’s role was strictly observational. In the morning we met Marc Ratner (UFC Vice President of Regulatory Affairs) and Dave Lewis (Director of Event Operations UFC UK Division), who spoke to us about the value of national commissions. Then, the IAPA got to see how the UFC does fighter medicals on the morning of afternoon weigh-ins. The medics are located with the scales where fighters came to check their weight. So the fighters generally did their medicals and tested their weight. Then, after all of this was done, the fighters were brought over together for the public weigh-in. We had a guy who ran us through all the procedure for this part of that day and stayed with us throughout. Afterwards, the fighters meet with Dana White (UFC President) for a private group meeting, and the Shadow Commissioning role was done for that day. “The IAPA benefited hugely from this experience and hope that it will stand us in good stead when we officially start sanctioning shows this month (November) in Ireland.” IAPA President John Kavanagh added, “I’d like to thank the UFC for giving our new National Governing Body for MMA in Ireland, the IAPA, the opportunity and learning experience of having 2 of our committee members to shadow sanction the event. We’ve previously worked with BAMMA and are working towards being the sanctioning body for all of MMA in Ireland, so as to ensure the safest platform for our young athletes.” [/spb_text_block] [fullwidth_text title=”UKMMAF MEET WITH UFC VP MARC RATNER IN DUBLIN” alt_background=”none” width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”] Also during UFC Fight Week in Dublin, the United Kingdom Mixed Martial Arts Federation (UKMMF) met with UFC Vice-president of Regulatory Affairs Marc Ratner and Vice-president of International Event Operations and Regulatory Affairs David Lewis.  The UK governing body was represented by chairman Mark Day and secretary, Nigel Burgess.  IMMAF Communications Director and recent UKMMAF board member, Isobel Carnwath, was also present. The UKMMAF has previously shadow sanctioned two UFC events (in Stockholm and Glasgow) and been in communications for some time with the UFC regarding the development of sanctioning in the United Kingdom. UFC representatives have also formerly attended a UKMMAF hosted, cross-promotion Promoter’s Focus Group. The meeting in Dublin included a status update of UKMMAF’s progress as regards sanctioning. It also addressed the steps towards full sanctioning of the UFC in the UK and administrative, legal and operational requirements that need to be met. The licensing and hire of officials and commissioners was also discussed. The meeting marked positive progress and the work towards full sanctioning of UFC events will continue into 2016.  

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