Report on the Official Visit of President Amoussou to Cameroon

Report from Guy Bertrand Olomo of the NFSMMA.  See photo gallery below. IMMAF President, Bertrand Amoussou, visited Yaoundé in Cameroon earlier this month to meet IMMAF affiliate, the NFSMMA (the National Fighting Sports Multi-Martial Arts Association). The NFSMMA, under the council of FECAKUWUDA, has been active for some time in the promotion and popularization of MMA in the region. This dynamic group presides over the organization of various events, including the big regional event, FIGHTING SHOW, which is now in its fourth season.  The purposes of President Amoussou’s visit were: 1 –  To lead an international level seminar for the development of athletes, coaches and officials in MMA 2 – To promote the practice of MMA in Cameroon 3 – To discuss an expansion strategy for MMA 4 – To consolidate Cameroon as a leader in the practice of MMA in Africa 5 – To motivate the Cameroonian delegation to take part in the IMMAF World Championships of Amateur MMA in Las Vegas in 2016 6 – To oversee the national MMA tournament 7 – To assess the level of athletes 8 – To discuss pathways to international competition for the most talented athletes 9 – To assist in the creation of self-financing activities for MMA in Cameroon 10 – To advocate the creation of a dedicated MMA Federation in Cameroon.   Wednesday, May 13, 2015:   It is 18:00 hours on the tarmac at Nsimalen International Airport when the plane carrying Mr. Bertrand Amoussou arrives. Moments later, a silhouette resembling that of the icon we have been awaiting is visible on the horizon. This is a total relief and good news. “He’s there!”, exclaimed someone around me, whom I could not identify because my attention was focused on the main subject. Some embraces followed, then a photo session and interviews with the attendant media.  The procession created by the large delegation of the FECAKUWUDA President moved off towards Mont Febe Hotel, where the President of the IMMAF would be staying up to the day of his departure.   Thursday, May 14, 2015 – Seminar day at the headquarters gym of the NFSMMA: After a few pleasantries, the announcement of the day’s timetable and the performing of the national anthem, came a speech by the President of the FECAKUWUDA, Dr. ELLA, and an address by the President of the IMMAF, Bertrand Amoussou. After that the seminar commenced. Firstly Amoussou wanted to gauge the level of athletes’ stand-up and having assessed them, noted a good level of technical mastery by all athletes. After a one hour break at 13:00 hours, the seminar resumed for the second part. This time the emphasis was on groundwork, which according to Amoussou can count for about 60% of an MMA fight. Ground techniques include those from grappling, Brazilian jiu jitsu, judo etc  According to him, a good practitioner must master ground work in order to progress in MMA. Over two hours, the participants and their many supporters, including representatives of the Ministry of Sport, discovered the depth of technique in MMA, demonstrated by the expert with ease and mastery.  Everyone responded with a round of applause. “This course really has given us a real understanding of MMA”, said one of the trainees. Another said, “Through these techniques, we quickly discovered our limits and it pushes us to work with more effort.” When Amoussou announced the end of the day, everyone wanted to carry on to discover more and explore more. “But Paris was not built in one day,” he said, giving them an appointment for the next day. In the evening, the NFSMMA held a dinner in honour of the guest in a local restaurant.   Friday, May 15, 2015 – The second day of training: The day started with an international media briefing which was completed by 9:00hrs. Then there was a meeting with the authorities in charge of sports in Cameroon. The appointment with the Minister did not take place, but we had the honor of being received by a close associate of the Minister of Sport, namely the Director of DENSOS. At the end of the interview with the Director, the President of IMMAF promised to do everything to enable Cameroon to participate in the United States of America, in the IMMAF World Championships next July. The Director requested that IMMAF give earlier guarantee to enable travel arrangements; and the department would be able to facilitate the obtaining of visas to members of the Cameroon delegation. Also, the Director of DENSOS congratulated the NFSMMA’s association with FECAKUWUDA, whose work was deemed significant. The IMMAF President then immediately visited a radio station in the capital where he was to appear as special guest, on a live news broadcast. Back at headquarters, the MMA course resumed at 14:00hours. As the day before, the course continued in an atmosphere of calm, and focused on technical submissions (chokes, armbar, ankle and knee locks); on breathing management and control of an opponent during the fight. Occasionally, the expert gave examples modelled on his own experience, to better build the trainees’ scope of understanding around a technique. At the same time, he gave advice to judges and referees on MMA regulation, drawing on techniques demonstrated during the course. The session ended with a Q&A session. In the evening the NFSMMA hosted a buffet for the President, concocted by the wives of some members, and held at the headquarters of the association with the presence of guests. Saturday, May 16, 2015 – Tournament: A tournament took place between three clubs from the Centre and Littoral, the NFSMMA, Club Nda Ndoum and the Katomma club. The program  consisted of the following 7 bouts: -61.2 KG Fongang Kanag Thierry (the Centre) def. Mbangue Eugene (Littoral) -65.8 KG Ebale Abale Ghislain (the Centre) def. Dassi Kamwa Isidore (Littoral) -70.3 KG Goura A Ndjama Serge Thierry (Center) def. Ondoua Joseph Owona (Central) Mbollo Luke Daniel (Central) submits Nguepkam Ulrich Jospin (the Centre) -77.1 KG Wabo Hervé Désiré (Central) Mila def. Alpha Thierry (Littoral) Doupsop Franck Basso Levis (Littoral) def. Bandolo Ngolo Aristide (Central) Ambassa Essomba Steve Yanick def. Fouda Eboudou Maurice (Central) The competition ended smoothly to the satisfaction of the attending public and especially the President of the IMMAF who was overseeing the tournament. As always, participation diplomas were given to all participants of the course and the tournament.   Sunday, May 17, 2015 – The last day of the visit of the IMMAF President to Cameroon: After three days of MMA, Mr. Bertrand Amoussou took time to discover the Franco-Beninese tourist attractions in the country. To this end, he visited the construction site of NFSMMA where a training camp location is being built at Ngouimakon, located 75 km from Yaoundé. Thus, he had the opportunity to discover the green landscape of Cameroon, which is rich in rare wildlife species. Returning to Yaoundé at 15:00hrs, NFSMMA members who had accompanied the President, led him to the Host Nsima b len International Airport, to wait for his flight back to Paris, where he lives with his family. In conclusion to the official visit of the IMMAF President Bertrand Amoussou, the NFSMMA can celebrate the qualitative leap made to the level of the MMA practice in Cameroon. To obtain better traction for MMA in Cameroon, the President of the IMMAF suggested that we do everything to enable MMA as a mass sport. For he said that, in his experience, it is by making the sport accessible that it will become better known and promoted. Also, we have learned from him that MMA does not belong only to its competitors, but that it is a sport whose basics can be transmitted at many levels. MMA is a philosophy with Cartesian values which comprises respect for one’s neighbour and self-control. As he left for his flight, Mr. Bertrant Amoussou told us, “I am not leaving you.  I will now respond quickly to your commands for I have the belief that you love what you do and you do it with love and passion.” cameroon 2MMA CameroonCameroon3cameroon4cameroon5 cameroon6Cameroon7Cameroon10Cameroon11cameroon12

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