Federação de MMA de Portugal Granted Observation Membership

At today’s Board of Directors meeting the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) granted observation membership to the Federação de Mixed Martial Arts de Portugal (pending name change from Associação Artes Marciais Unidas). The observation membership status is used when an applicant has met all IMMAF’s requirements except for one or two things in process of being adjusted or when the board deems that time is needed to oversee the development of a newly formed organisation.  The IMMAF’s National Federation Establishment Committee will have the task of auditing progress and revising the membership status of the Federação de Mixed Martial Arts de Portugal. The decision of granting membership was unanimous.  Portugal joins Belgium, Norway, and Sweden as members of IMMAF. ### Contact information : Erika Mattsson, Director of Communications Email: press@immaf.org Phone: +46 736 33 50 60 immaf.org

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