MMA to be Taught in Cameroon Schools

LOGO NFSMMACameroonian IMMAF federation, the NFSMMA, has won permission to teach MMA in all secondary schools throughout Cameroon in affiliation with the Cameroon Federation of Kungfu . Also working in partnership with A. Fenasco, the NFSMMA will commence its training programme at the beginning of the forthcoming academic year,  2015-2016. NFSMMA president, Guy Bertrand Olomo (pictured), said: “Our vision is in line with the objectives of the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation to develop the sport as a mass sport. This new agreement will aid the development of MMA in Cameroon. We also wish to associate the practice of MMA with study, and this agreement embodies our goals. “During his recent visit,  former IMMAF president Bertrand Amoussou aided us a lot in the development of education in MMA in Cameroon which helped us to achieve this goal. Today we say thank you, and give acknowledgement to the hard work of the IMMAF at world level. We also thank the A. FENASCO and FECAKUWUDA.” [/spb_text_block]

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