MMA Finnish Open 2014

 The Finnish Mixed Martial Arts Federation, Suomen Vapaaotteluliitto ry, recently held the MMA Finnish Open on 29th- 30th November. The Amateur championship event was open to competitors from Europe and took place at RNC Sport Club in Martinhalli, Hyvinkää.


Adults competed under IMMAF Amateur rules, which are now replacing former Finnish B-class rules under Suomen Vapaaotteluliitto ry. Newly crowned adult male champions were Arttu Uuusimäki at Bantamweight, Mika Ikkala at Featherweight, Toni Toivanen at Lightweight, Janne Sinersaari at Welterweight, Juho Laitinen at Middleweight and Eero Kosamo at Light Heavyweight. Inka Auvinen earned the title in the women’s Flyweight category.


Fighting under C-class Amateur rules, the new Junior champions were Abdul Hussein at Featherweight and Max Sairanen at Lightweight.


See below for the full published results for the MMA Finnish Open 2014:


Day 1: Quarter & Semi Finals
  1.  Male -77,1kg  – Janne Sinersaari [MMA Lappeenranta] def. Niko Mäki-Saari [MMA Seinäjoki] by Guillotine Choke at 2:10 of RND 2
  2. Male -77,1kg – Ari-Pekka Savolainen [RNC Sport Club] def. Mika Kallio [Fight Club Jyväskylä] by Unanimous Decision
  3. Male -77,1 kg – Atte Ala-Kortesniemi [RNC Sport Club] def. Aleksi Putkonen [GB Gym] by Unanimous Decision
  4. Male -77,1 kg – Marko Laikask [MK Delta] def. Siim Asperk [3D Gym] by Unanimous Decision
  5. Junior, Male -65,8kg  – Abdul Hussein [Espoon Kehähait] def. Tuomas Karhunen [Gladiator Factory] by TKO 3:00 RND 2
  6. Male -65,8kg – Joel Arolainen [RNC Sport Club] def. Mici Saaristo [Sankukai] by Triangle Choke at 1:19 of RND 1
  7. Male -65,8kg – Alar Hutrov [Tartu Fightsport Gym] def. Jouni Holappa [Combat Society] by Unanimous Decision
  8. Female -56,7kg – Tiia Kohtamäki [GB Gym] def. Tinja Lesonen by Split Decision
  9. Junior, Male -70,3kg  – Max Sairanen [Ahjo Training Center] def. Tommi Alatalo [Barreto Jiu-Jitsu] by Unanimous Decision
  10. Male, -61,2kg – Arttu Uusimäki [Fight Factory Porvoo] def. Vorya Jamshidi [MMA Utti] by Armbar at 0:38 of RND 2
  11. Male, -70,3kg – Edward Walls [MMA Lappeenranta] vs. Teemu Leinonen [RNC Sport Club] ended in a No Contest
  12. Male, -83,9kg – Juho Laitinen [Gladiator Factory] def. Ranno Laur [Tartu Fightsport Gym] by Unanimous Decision
  13. Junior, Male -65,8kg JR – Abdul Hussein [Espoon Kehähait] def. Mika Nieminen [RNC Sport Club] by TKO at 2:48 of RND 3
  14. Junior, Male -65,8kg  – Eemil Kurhela [RNC Sport Club] def. Teemu Hassi [Shooto Lahti] by TKO (injury) at 3:00 of RND 1
  15. Male, -77,1kg – Janne Sinersaari [MMA Lappeenranta] def. Ari-Pekka Savolainen [RNC Sport Club] by Ankle Lock at 0:50 of RND 1
  16. Male, -77,1kg – Atte Ala-Kortesniemi [RNC Sport Club] def. Marko Laikask [MK Delta] by Armbar at 2:59 of RND 2
  17. Male, -65,8kg – Joel Arolainen [RNC Sport Club] def. Alar Hutrov [Tartu Fightsport Gym] by Darce Choke at 2:58 of RND 3
  18. Male, -65,8kg – Mika Ikkala [MMA Seinäjoki] def. Sten Saaremäe [Tartu Fightsport Gym] by Unanimous Decision
Day 2: Finals
  1. Junior, Male -65,8kg  – Abdul Hussein [Espoon Kehähait] def. Eemil Kurhela [RNC Sport Club] by Unanimous Decision
  2. Junior, Male -70,3kg – Max Sairanen [Ahjo Training Center] def. Kevin Nieminen [Fight Factory Porvoo] by Unanimous Decision
  3. Female -56,7kg – Inka Auvinen [MMA Lappeenranta] def. Tiia Kohtamäki [GB Gym] by TKO (injury) 0:21 of RND 3
  4. Male -61,2kg – Arttu Uusimäki [Fight Factory Porvoo] def. Karri Itkonen [Gladiator Factory] by Unanimous Decision
  5. Male -83,9kg – Juho Laitinen [Gladiator Factory] def. Markus Vuorikoski [Combat Society] by TKO (injury) 3:00 of RND 1
  6.  Male -93kg – Eero Kosamo [Gladiator Factory] def. Toni Lepistö [Espoon Kehähait] by Unanimous Decision
  7.  Male -65,8kg – Mika Ikkala [MMA Seinäjoki] def. Joel Arolainen [RNC Sport Club] by WO
  8.  Male -70,3kg – Toni Toivanen [RNC Sport Club] def. Edward Walls [MMA Lappeenranta] by Unanimous Decision
  9.  Male -77,1kg – Janne Sinersaari [MMA Lappeenranta] def. Atte Ala-Kortesniemi [RNC Sport Club] by Inverted Triangle 2:00 of RND 3
The Champions
Junior Champions
Featherweight (-65,8kg):  Abdul Hussein
Lightweight (-70,3kg):      Max Sairanen
Adult Female Champion
Flyweight (-56,8kg):  Inka Auvinen
Adult Male Champions
Bantamweight (-61,2kg)  Arttu Uuusimäki
Featherweight (-65,8kg):  Mika Ikkala
 Lightweight (-70,3kg):     Toni Toivanen
Welterweight (-77,1kg):     Janne Sinersaari
Middleweight (-83,9kg):    Juho Laitinen
Light Heavyweight (-93kg):  Eero Kosamo


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