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Anti-Doping is one of the mandatory integrity policies adopted and enforced by IMMAF.  IMMAF is firmly committed to ensuring the sport of Mixed Martial Arts is fair and clean.  IMMAF’s Anti-Doping policy applies to all members, athletes, coaches and administrators.

All IMMAF members are strongly advised to consult the IMMAF education page and to complete the education modules available on the World Anti-Doping Agency ADEL website.  For athletes and support personnel, IMMAF has produced an Anti-Doping Handbook which is updated regularly to reflect specific regulations when you are participating in IMMAF Championships. Check you are adhering to the correct version of the Prohibited List.

Prior to competing, check all medications used by athletes are permitted.  Essential use of a prohibited medication, where no permitted alternative is available, requires approval to use through a Therapeutic Use Exemption.  Most athletes can apply to their national anti-doping agency for a TUE approval certificate.  This application must be submitted and approved before a competition; if competing in an IMMAF Championships, your TUE certificate should be submitted to [email protected] prior to the event.  In an emergency, at a Championships, your application may be submitted to [email protected].  There is no guarantee it will be approved; using a prohibited medication without approval is at your own risk.  Those athletes in the IMMAF International Testing Pool (International Level Athletes) should apply directly to [email protected] (see section 4 TUE).

WARNING: Supplements are potential sources of prohibited substances.  Supplement manufacture is unregulated, research has shown supplements may often be the source of a prohibited substance which means they may be dangerous to your career and your health.  If a supplement used is found to contain a prohibited substance, this may explain but will not excuse the violation. 

Details and links to the Anti-Doping Handbook, ADEL website, guidance on supplement checking and TUE system are accessible through the IMMAF website in the Anti-Doping Education Sections.  

National Federations: Each National Federation is required to adopt the IMMAF Anti-Doping Policy and to incorporate it into national rules.  National Federations should partner with their National Anti-Doping Organisation for guidance on implementation at the national level and follow the IMMAF policy with regard to member responsibilities.  IMMAF has prepared guidance to help you achieve this.

IMMAF will continue to monitor anti-doping policy implementation at national level.  Failure to comply may result in sanctions.  IMMAF has the right to appeal decisions at the national level which fail to follow fair procedures or reach an unfair outcome.

FINALLY REMEMBER: Anti-Doping Rule Violations are strict liability offences and consequences for a doping violation includes loss of medals, ranking points and suspension from the sport (coaching, participating, training) for several years. You are responsible for keeping informed of your amateur status, for checking medications, avoiding prohibited substances or methods and for keeping MMA clean.

Download the full IMMAF Anti-Doping Rules

Download the full IMMAF Anti-Doping Policy

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