IMMAF welcomes Poland

The International Mixed Martial Arts Federation is happy to announce our latest member, the Polish MMA Federation, a welcome addition to the continuously growing IMMAF. The PLMMAF is a newly formed entity consisting of several associations from around Poland with over 10 years of experience in MMA, now coming together under the IMMAF banner. The PLMMAF have initiated contact with the Ministry of Sport and have also started the development of an anti-doping protocol. A developing nation for MMA, Poland will prove to be a strong contender at the World Championships in Las Vegas this year and national tryouts are planned for end of May. Board members of the PLMMAF include Mirosław Okninski, Andrzej Parzecki, Tomasz Knap, Paweł Harasim and Sławomir Cypel. Stay tuned for an interview with the board and presentation of the PLMMAF in the coming week.    

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