IMMAF to Launch MMA Statistics Task Force

  The International Mixed Martial Arts Federation is to launch a task force responsible for the collection of statistics on the spread, growth and character of Mixed Martial Arts across the world. It is IMMAF’s aim to create a hub for MMA statistics, available to the public with many potential applications from evolving sports safety to education to commercial, academic and informing journalism. A statistics library is a support service that the organization will provide equally to all non-profit and for-profit stakeholders across MMA. This forms part of IMMAF’s work to secure for Mixed Martial Arts the same rights and opportunities as all other recognized sports, and not only to develop the genre from a technical point of view but also to support a healthy business environment for all vested parties. Over the coming months, IMMAF will contact promoters, insurance companies and other industry players inviting them to collaborate in the pooling of data for mutual industry benefit. IMMAF’s General Secretary, Erika Mattsson said: “The International Mixed Martial Arts Federation receives many data based questions such as, ‘How many professional athletes are there in the world?’ or ‘How many promotions are there in Europe?’.  It is a priority agenda that we are able to answer these questions regarding MMA statistics in order to support and protect the growth of the sport. It is important to us also not only to evolve the athletic side of MMA through governance, but that we can support and provide value to professional promotions and commercial entities that are major driving forces in the industry. The team is looking forward to an exciting year ahead, evolving wider industry relationships through fruitful communications with others who share common goals for Mixed Martial Arts.”  

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