IMMAF presents Member Services to the IAPA in Dublin

On September 18 the Irish Amateur Pankration Association (IAPA) met in Dublin, Ireland, with IMMAF Events Coordinator Alistair Pettitt. IAPA Board Members in attendance included John Kavanagh, Deano O’Sullivan, Andy Ryan, Paul Cowzer and Ray Butcher. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the various member services and support IMMAF has to offer and the specific needs of the IAPA. My Next Match The IAPA is among the 5 IMMAF member federations to be piloting sports software innovation MyNextMatch®; a single platform software solution for communication and knowledge sharing in competitive and recreational combat sports.  The implementation of the various aspects of MyNextMatch® was discussed, including registration for and management of IAPA referees & judges courses through the software. For more information about MyNextMatch® click HERE. IMMAF Progression Scheme The progression scheme is an educational tool for coaches of participants at grassroots level, that provides a logical and safe way to deliver MMA sessions. It is also a motivational tool for the students of MMA as they learn and advance through the progression pathway. The IMMAF Progression Scheme aims accommodate all who seek to gain entry into the various areas of MMA through the proper channels, may that be for coaching, recreational training, competitive ambitions, event officials or even cutmen. A Progression Scheme template created for IMMAF by the United Kingdom Mixed Martial Arts Federation was presented to the IAPA and analysed, with it proposed that the IAPA reproduce or develop it to create a national scheme in line with IMMAF protocol. National Educational Courses (as part of the IMMAF Progression Scheme)   As part of the IMMAF Progression Scheme, IMMAF’s member federations have began to provide approved national level education courses for referees and judges. IAPA expressed a desire to host an IMMAF Certification Course, lead by UFC referee and IMMAF Technical Committee member Marc Goddard. Event Sanctioning The IAPA board meeting took place in conjunction with the association’s shadow sanctioning of BAMMA 22 in Dublin. Pettitt, O’Sullivan, and Butcher shadow sanctioned the Sept. 19 card at Dublin’s 3Arena. The IAPA will also be shadowing the forthcoming UFC Fight Night 76: Duffy vs. Poirier, which will likewise be at the 3Arena IMMAF Member Support IMMAF Events Manager Alistair Pettit reflected on the success of the IAPA board meeting and how IMMAF strives to support and understand the efforts of each of its member federations. “The meeting enabled me to understand where the IAPA are right now as a federation and what areas of support IMMAF can provide for them in the immediate short term and strategically for their long term goals. The BAMMA 22 event provided the IAPA with a platform to shadow sanction for the first time and provided occasion to get everyone together for a meeting.

“Creating opportunities for open forum discussions regarding sport development is something IMMAF has been really proactive with in 2015. We are a small team here at IMMAF and it’ critical that all our member federations are fully aware of what member services IMMAF can support them with. As the IMMAF representative to meet with the IAPA in Dublin I can confirm it was a huge success and I look forward to working towards implementing some of the topics covered with them over the next few months.”
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