IMMAF seeks cooperation with FILA

A few days ago the International Wrestling Federation, FILA, decided to remove MMA as a sport from their federation, thus relinquishing their claim to govern the sport of MMA worldwide. The IMMAF welcomes this decision as we firmly believe that the fastest growing sport in the world deserves to be represented from within its own community and by its own international federation. MMA is unique and cannot be governed by either one of the numerous sports which each represents a fraction of the techniques that together make MMA a distinct sport. That is why the IMMAF was founded in early 2012 to meet the need for a non-profit, democratic international federation solely dedicated to MMA. FILA will carry out already announced competitions but then discontinue all activities as well as end cooperation with those MMA organizations affiliated to FILA. This means that organizations that today operate under FILA will no longer have an affiliation. The IMMAF has therefore contacted FILA to offer cooperation in providing a secure transition from FILA to the IMMAF for those organizations that are affected, completely voluntary of course. The IMMAF thus suggest that the IMMAF and FILA together assumes joint responsibility for the preservation of MMA grass-root level organizations in need of support. -“This was the best decision possible that FILA could make regarding MMA. Now we can start to heal the fragmentation within the MMA community and secure strong and unified international representation for MMA everywhere. We hope FILA takes our offer of cooperation as well as accepts our sincere support in their important task to save one of the oldest sports in the world on the Olympic program. As representatives of MMA we fully support the continued opportunity for wrestlers around the world to compete in the Olympics.” says Mr. August Wallén, IMMAF president. For information on the IMMAF, our purpose and vision, our member requirements, our application process and the tasks of a national federation under the IMMAF, please see      

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