IMMAF European Open: Total Medals Won

With the 2017 IMMAF European Open Championships fast approaching, takes a look at which nations have hauled the biggest medal totals, combining the tally of each country from European Opens of the past 2 years. Last week reviewed the most successful national teams through their accumulation of gold medals. Today we list 8 nations who have seen the highest overall number of athletes make their way to the podium. The 2017 IMMAF European Open Championships take place from 29 March to 2 April in Sofia, Bulgaria. Sweden: 16 medals

Team Sweden
Team Sweden at the 2016 IMMAF World Championships in Las Vegas, USA.
2015 x2 Gold – Joel Moya Schondorff, Rostem Akman (185lbs) x4 Silver – Anja Saxmark (125lbs), Cornelia Holm (145lbs), Gabriella Ringblom (135lbs), Iman Smajic (265lbs) x2 Bronze – Renato Vidovic (135lbs), Ante Agneby (145lbs) 2016 x5 Gold – Serdar Altas (125lbs), Renato Vidovic (135lbs), Cornelia Holm (135lbs), Gold: Daniel Schalander (145lbs), Rostem Akman (185lbs) x2 Silver – Gabriella Ringblom (125lbs), Irman Smajic (265lbs) x1 Bronze – Hoger Salih (145lbs) Bulgaria: 12 medals
Team Bulgaria at the 2016 European Open in Prague, Czech, Republic.
2015 x2 Gold – Aleksandra Toncheva (115lbs), Daniel Galabarov (265lbs) x1 Silver – Dorian Dermendzhiev (170lbs) x1 Bronze – Tencho Karaenev (205lbs) 2016 x5 Gold – Alexsandra Toncheva (115lbs), Ferdun Osmanov (155lbs), Nikolay Nikolov (170lbs), Daniel Galabarov (265lbs), Atanas Krastanov (+265lbs) x1 Silver – Valeri Atanasov (185lbs) x2 Bronze –  Tencho Karaenev (205lbs), Rostislav Raichev (135lbs) Finland: 11 medals
Abdul Hussein
Former European Open and World amateur champion, Abdul Hussein.
2015 x3 Gold – Varpu Rinne (135lbs), Sanna Merta (145lbs), Abdul Hussein (135lbs) x1 Silver – Mia Isola (155lbs) x2 Bronze – Sini Koivunen (155lbs), Inka Auvinen (125lbs) 2016 x2 Silver – Kerttu Kouki (155lbs),  Matias Anttila (+265lbs) x3 Bronze – Anette Osterberg (125lbs), Chamia Chabbi (135lbs), Iris Nihti (145lbs) UK: 11 medals
Jake Bond and Warren Mason
Following the all British Flyweight final at the 2015 European Open: Warren Mason (center, left) and Jake Bond (center, right) alongside Team UK coaches John Maguire (left) and Nigel Burgess (right).
2015 x2 Gold – Jake Bond (125lbs), Jack Shore (155lbs) x1 Silver – Warren Mason (125lbs) x4 Bronze – Amy Omara (115lbs), Connor Hitchens (145lbs), Hardeep Rai (170lbs), James Duckett (185lbs) 2016 x1 Gold –Joanne Doyle (145lbs) x3 Bronze – Kierandip Sahota (145lbs), Milad Ahady (155lbs), Tom Crosby (185lbs) Italy: 9 medals
Team Italy 2016
Team Italy at the 2016 European Open Championships in Prague, Czech Republic.
2015 x1 Silver – Marc Zannetti (135lbs) x2 Bronze – Asterio Lucchesini (185lbs), Paolo Anastasi (205lbs) 2016 x3 Silver – Marco Zannetti (135lbs), Michele Martignoni (145lbs), Gianluigi Ventoruzzo (170lbs) x3 Bronze – Ilaria Norcia (125lbs), Arziko Bregu (135lbs), Paolo Anastasi (205lbs) Ireland: 8 medals
Team Ireland 2016
Team Ireland at the 2016 European Open in Prague, Czech Republic.
2015 x1 Gold – Ben Forsyth (205lbs) x4 Bronze – David Fogarty (125lbs), Thomas Martin (155lbs), Lee Hammond (155lbs), Ryan Spillane (265lbs) 2016 x2 Silver – David Fogarty (125lbs), Lee Hammond (155lbs) x1 Bronze: Alexander O’Sullivan (155lbs) Norway: 6 medals
2016 European Open and World silver medalist, Camilla Mannes.
2015 x2 Silver – Geir Kare Cemsoylu (155lbs), Marius Hakonsev (185lbs) x2 Bronze – Jorden indestviken (170lbs), Camilla Mannes (135lbs) 2016 x1 Silver – Silver: Camilla Mannes (135lbs) x1 Bronze – Berat Berisha (265lbs) Iceland: 5 medals
sunna and bjarki
Sunna Rannveig and Bjarki Palsson both won gold for Iceland at the 2015 European Open.
2015 x2 Gold – Sunna Rannveig (125lbs), Bjarki Palsson (170lbs) x1 Bronze -Petur Oskarsson (265lbs) 2016 x1 Gold – Egill Hjordisarson (205lbs) x1 Bronze – Magnus Ingvarsson (170lbs) immaf_15631-web-banner

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