The International MMA Federation and Romanian Kempo MMA Federation have announced two nation vs nation, amateur MMA tournaments for Bucharest at the Grand Rin Hotel, from 17 to 23 June 2018. Each competition will have its own draw and the two tournaments will run concurrently: 2018 IMMAF YOUTH EUROPEAN OPEN CHAMPIONSHIPS (18 – 21s – JUNIOR EVENT) The IMMAF Youth European Open Championships is the IMMAF’s first ever junior competition for 18,19 & 20 year olds only. The tournament is an ‘Open’ event, welcoming international competitors from outside of Europe. All IMMAF junior competitions will take place under the standard IMMAF Amateur MMA Rules. Their purpose is to provide better opportunity for younger rising stars to shine against competitors of a similarly limited range of experience. In line with IMMAF’s ethos, they create a safer competition environment for younger adults who have not yet reached their physical peak. Additionally, the Junior competitions create increased opportunities for national teams to win medals. 2018 IMMAF SENIOR EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS (18+ – SENIOR EVENT) The IMMAF Senior European Championships is open to all European competitors of age 18 and above, who have been selected by their National Federation. To clarify, to participate in the senior event, competitors must be citizens of a European nation, making the tournament IMMAF’s first closed continental event. National Federations are permitted to submit up to two competitors per weight category into each tournament, totalling a maximum of four per weight category across the two events, subject to the protocol outlined in the Tournament Handbook. Weight categories span Strawweight to Lightweight for women, and Flyweight to Super Heavyweight for men. The largest national teams could theoretically present up to fifty-six athletes across two competitions. Romanian Kempo MMA Federation President, Amatto Zaharia, said: “It is a great honour to invite all IMMAF’s members to take part in this prestigious MMA event, hosted in Romania under the authorization of the Romanian Ministry of Sports and Romanian Olympic Committee. This will be a great opportunity for the entire Romanian and world MMA communities to work together towards the same goal. I look forward to seeing all of you soon in Romania, in the field of competition of the 2018 IMMAF European MMA Championships.”   Romanian Kempo MMA Federation Executive Director, George Stanciu said: “By working together alongside other nations in the development of amateur MMA, it is a privilege for us to be the host of this continental championship. Many important steps have been taken lately in Romania, that have unified amateur MMA under a single community for the benefit of the sport and of all those involved in it. Starting with this Championships, Romanian MMA has already become stronger and we hope to see this reflected in the number of medals gained by Romanian competitors. It is very clear that united we can promote this sport much better, showing to the whole world that MMA definitely deserves to be included in the Olympic programme.” IMMAF President Kerrith Brown said: “IMMAF is focused on developing its talent pathway and the addition of the junior event increases safe competitive opportunities for younger competitors. In most Olympic sports it is rare for athletes to medal in their early adulthood due to their stage of physical development and experience, and with MMA being a combat sport safe ‘match-making’ is paramount. I am excited about the new opportunity for younger talent to medal against competitors of more comparable experience. The 2018 senior event also breaks new ground as it will be IMMAF’s first tournament to truly define a European Champion.”   For information about the Romanian Kempo MMA Federation go to: Follow @RMMAFed on Twitter

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