IMMAF Amateur Rule Set in the Making

The IMMAF Technical committee recently had their first official meeting in Nottingham, UK. The Committee currently consists of Mr. Marc Ratner (USA), Mr. Marc Goodard (UK) and Mr. Jesper Gunnarsson (Sweden), who together bring many years of experience in the regulatory side of MMA to the table. This meeting was the first with the purpose of working on the IMMAF set of amateur MMA rules. Later on when the rules have been set the committee will also work on other related issues such as recommendations on the progression within the sport, work on health and safety, youth involvement, regulatory grievance processes and more. All members of the IMMAF and other federations who have a complete set of amateur MMA rules are welcome to submit them to the committee for best practice review. If you are interested in aiding the committee, please send your rule set to Please note that only documents in English can be reviewed as this time. Upon the completion of the work of the technical committee later this year the IMMAF rule set will be sent out to all member federations for referral before a finalized version is presented to the board. For information on what the IMMAF amateur MMA rule set will entail, see the first question under the FAQ heading. ### Contact information : Erika Mattsson, Director of Communications Email: Phone: +46 736 33 50 60

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