Growing the AIMMAA, India’s ‘Well Oiled Machine’

Picture: AIMMAA team members  The All India Mixed Martial Arts Association (AIMMAA) serves as one of IMMAF’s busiest members with active government supported regulation across the nation. With the second largest population on Earth, India has the great potential to be a giant of the MMA landscape with an ever increasing number of participants. A large population spread across an incredible land mass also brings the risk of chaos, and it’s the AIMMAA who bring well enforced guidelines and progression to India’s MMA scene with a diverse line-up of leaders who are committed to safeguarding a well organised sport in their country, with the all important support of the nation’s government. Among the democratic leadership is AIMMAA National Commissioner Daniel Isaac who informed of how the many years of developing well structured regulation has resulted in highly promising outcomes. In addition, he expressed how affiliation with the IMMAF provided a tremendous dose of encouragement and assurance of a job being done well done. He explained: “It’s been a long uphill journey but I see the dividends being paid off gradually. MMA in India is no more just a one-man show with a few scattered clubs across the country. AIMMAA is now a well oiled functioning machine with a majority of the states and union territories affiliated under one democratic banner. The implementation of systems in every affiliated state association followed by able leadership of chief delegates and their state board members has helped this nationwide organization to fulfill our yearly objectives.” “The affiliation with IMMAF was something we were working towards since 2012 and when we finally received recognition in 2014 it served as a much needed encouragement to our national team of officials, instructors and athletes.” Last year AIMMAA President Jitendra Jain spoke with to discuss the ongoing aim of widespread sanctioning across India – click HERE for the full article. Adding to this, Daniel Isaac furthered the education of more promoters on approved operating guidelines with the assistance of an AIMMAA sanctioning team. He explains that the AIMMAA have been welcomed by a host of additional promoters who have since embraced the regulatory body. AIMMAA’s flagship presence can be seen operating alongside India’s standout professional organization, Super Fight League, whose new management team comply to AIMMAA requirements with great effect. “AIMMAA continues to lead the sport of MMA in India as an organization which follows strict protocol of Health and Safety in sport. Many smaller promoters and event organizers now realize the importance of AIMMAA sanctioning and our team of liaison officers continue to work towards reaching out to those who don’t seem to understand the value as of yet. The Super Fight League, although not as active as it used to be in 2012-2013, is still the biggest MMA brand in India. All leading MMA fighters still seek contracts with SFL who are currently operating in India out of its new headquarters in Delhi and under a new management. SFL fulfills all pre-requisites for an AIMMAA sanction and is the only Pro MMA brand which provides its fighters with post fight medical coverage, not just first aid, and medical insurance.” For more information on the AIMMAA visit You can find AIMMAA on Twitter @mmafedindia Written by lead writer and website manager, Jorden Curran

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