Green light given to MMA in Cameroon schools nationwide

Pictured above: Schoolchildren enjoy NLMMAC’s Educational MMA program at the Amasia Bilingual School in Yaounde.  Cameroon’s National League of Mixed Martial Arts (NLMMAC) has been given an official green light to introduce Educational MMA to the nation’s youth, in elementary and middle schools, nationwide. With the support of national umbrella federation FECAKUWUDA, the educational MMA initiative was first launched at a secondary school in 2015, where NLMMAC (formerly NFSMMA) president Guy Bertrand Olomo stated: “My objective is to make educational MMA a major academic discipline throughout secondary schools in Cameroon. Through educational MMA, students receive technical mental and moral guidance that will develop their minds to become more attentive and disciplined across the school curriculum. “MMA is not just a combat sport but it is also an educational sport. As national president of MMA governing body, NFSMMA, I am very happy that MMA will now be taught in educational and secondary schools in Cameroon. I would like to thank IMMAF’s international technical director, Bertrand Amoussou, who has supported this program.” Educational MMA for Cameroon’s youth has now been recognised officially by the country’s National Federation of Sport (FENASCO). NLMMAC stated: “We started this program with one school. With the support of the Federation of Kungfu, Wushu and Associated Disciples (FECAKUWUDA) we signed an agreement with the National Federation of Sport (FENASCO) for elementary schools. Now we can legally teach MMA in every elementary and middle school across the country. This is a great opportunity to promote MMA and we want to do our best for it.”   cameroon-schoolboy   By lead writer and website manager, Jorden Curran

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