Government & National Olympic recognition of IMMAF nations

Last month UFC co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta spoke with BBC World Service and discussed his expectations for the ever growing sport of MMA to one day become a part of the Olympic Games. “The Olympics are a business and they want to attract those younger viewers for all these big television deals,” Fertitta explained, according to “Where we’re going with UFC, eventually we (MMA) will be part of the Olympics.” Fertitta described the significant draw that snowboarding and half pipe have provided since being introduced to the Olympics, greatly appealing to a more youthful audience. In addition, Fertitta highlighted the presence of the IMMAF and its 50 member nations who together have a long term mission to see the sport of MMA adopted by the Olympic Games. On the road to Olympic recognition there are a number of criteria which the IMMAF and MMA must first meet in order to be considered for recognition. As part of this, official recognition from national governments and Olympic committees can be highly influential. Among the 50 Member Nations under IMMAF’s umbrella, over half have achieved the great milestone of official recognition from either national government or the National Olympic Commitee (NOC), if not both. Many additional countries are working towards and closing in on this key goal of all IMMAF affiliated nations. IMMAF members currently recognised by their national (or state) governments and/or National Olympic Committees are as follows: Pan America: Brazil – Comissão Atlética Brasileira de MMA (CABMMA) established across 6 states in Brazil. Canada – Canadian Combat Alliance (CCA) is government recognized in a number of states with the affiliated Ontario Grappling Alliance recognized in others. Colombia – Asociación Colombiana de Artes Marciales Mixtas (OCAMM) recognised by the Ministry of Sport. El Salvador – Salvadorean Kickboxing & MMA Federation recognised by the National Institute of Sports. Paraguay – Federacion Paraguaya de Kick Boxing Muay Thai & MMA recognised by its NOC. USA – United States Mixed Martial Arts Federation (UMMAF), MMA is regulated under most State Athletic Commissions in the US. UMMAF regulates Amateur MMA under some state athletic commissions. Asia: Bahrain – Bahrain Mixed Martial Arts Federation is supported and funded by patron Highness Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad al Khalifa, Minister for Youth and Sports in Bahrain. Hasemite Kingdom of Jorden – Jordan Mixed Martial Arts Federation  is recognised by the Jordanian Olympic Committee and affiliated with Jordanian Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation. Malaysia – Malaysian Mixed Martial Arts Alliance (MASMAA) is government recognized. Nepal – Nepal National Martial Art Games Confederation is recognised and regulated under the government mandated National Sports Council. Tajikistan – Mixed Martial Arts Federation of the Republic of Tajikistan is NOC recognised. Europe: Albania – Albanian Free Fighting Federation is recognised by its Ministry of Sport. Azerbaijan – Azerbai̇jan Mixed Martial Arts League is recognized under the Ministry of Sports of Azerbaijan and Olympic Committee of Azerbaijan. Belgium – Belgium Mixed Martial Arts Federation (BMMAF) is government recognised in Belgium’s Flemmish region, while it continues to lobby for acceptance in the Walloon (French) region. Czech Republic – Mixed Martial Arts Association Czech Republic is government recognised with university degrees and master degrees established at the Charles University in Prague. Greece – Greek Wrestling MMA is government and NOC recognized under the Greek Wrestling Federation Northern Ireland – Ulster Amateur MMA Association (UAMMAA) is recognized by the Ulster government and youth MMA programmes are government funded. Republic of Ireland – Irish Amateur Pankration Association (IAPA) is government recognized under the Republic of Ireland’s  wrestling federation. Italy – Italian Grappling and Mixed Martial Arts Federation (FIGMMA) is government recognized under FILA (now United World Wrestling) which sits under Sport Accord and the IOC. Receives some funding through FILA. Portugal – Comissão Atlética Portuguesa de MMA (CAPMMA) is government recognized and part funded under the IOC recognized national wrestling federation, the Federação Portuguesa de Lutas Amadoras (FPLA). Romania – Romanian Mixed Martial Arts Federation (RMMAF) is recognised under the Ministry of Youth and Sport in Romania. Sweden – Sweden Mixed Martial Arts Federation (SMMAF) is government licensed and MMA is regulated sport. Ukraine – All Ukrainian Federation of Free-fight, Single Combat and Mixed Martial Arts is government recognized and regulates Amateur MMA. Oceania: New Zealand – New Zealand Mixed Martial Arts Federation (NZMMAF) is recognised under Sport New Zealand. Africa: Cameroon – National Fighting Sports Multi-Martial Arts Association is government recognised and Educational MMA is taught in secondary schools. Egypt – The Egyptian MMA Committee (EMMAC) has been mandated by the Ministry of Sport to form a governing body for MMA. The Seychelles – The Seychelles Mixed Martial Arts Association is recognised by the National Sports Council of Seychelles. The Seychelles National Olympic Committee is also supportive with resources. South Africa – Mixed Martial Arts South Africa (MMASA) is the only IMMAF approved governing body for MMA in South Africa, appointed by its NOC and Sports Council, mandated to govern Amateur and Pro MMA. Written by lead writer and website manager, Jorden Curran

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