Two organisations met on Monday, 18 June in Bucharest, during the 2018 IMMAF European Championships, to discuss future of MMA in Germany; IMMAF affiliate, GEMMAF (German Mixed Martial Arts Federation), and WMMAA affiliate, GAMMA (German Mixed Martial Arts Association). The well anticipated meeting was attended by Clemens Werner, Vitalij Boev, Lutz Hayden from GEMMAF, while GAMMA was represented by President Adrian Bakos, Dr. Mahmud Taghavi, Thomas Gotto (lawyer) and Michael Wachter (Technical Director). The meeting was facilitated by IMMAF President Kerrith Brown, CEO Densign White and Administration Manager, Gosha Malik alongside WMMAA President Vadim Finkelchtein and Executive Director, Tatiana Klimenko. The talks concluded with plans for further meetings between the two German parties, to lay down plans for how they will collaborate nationally for the future of MMA. ABOUT GAMMA (formerly under WMMAA)  Governmental sport recognition requirements in Germany stipulate a minimum 0f 8 member regions and 6,000 members of a representative, non-profit organisation. There can be only one internationally recognised federation in the country. Currently 4 regions are already affiliated to GAMMA, with 120 participants taking part in their National Championship MMA Championships. GAMMA also educates referees and cutmen, has a ringside medical association with trained and licensed doctors and paramedics, and enjoys a strong relationship with local professional promoters. The GAMMA medical association is conducting research into concussion, while the federation is in communication with their NADO to become a member.  GAMMA is well funded and financially self-sufficient ABOUT GEMMAF  The GEMMAF voluntary team consists of 4 board members, about 15 voluntary employees and about 20 experienced officials. GEMMAF claims 30 gyms as associates as the eldest and biggest MMA federation in Germany. GEMMAF’s work has included the creation and enforcement of unified rules and regulations in accordance with IMMAF Standards and consistent with the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts. GEMMAF is working to enforce medical and safety regulations The federation organises and sanctions MMA events to offer more opportunities for athletes to compete within a safe, fair and regulated environment, and sends athletes and officials to participate in IMMAF  tournaments in order to give them international experience.   Only one national organisation can be recognised by the unified international MMA federation (IMMAF/ WMMAA) and it is hoped that talks between the German parties will result in a collaboration that well strengthen the sport of MMA nationally.

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