GEMMAF Confirms Additional Merge of MMA Governing Bodies in Germany

The German Mixed Martial Arts Federation (GEMMAF) has announced the completion of an agreement to further unite MMA in Germany, expanding unified goals for regulatory and development standards within the sport.

In 2019 GEMMAF merged with counterpart, GAMMAF, to unify Germany’s standout governing bodies under the GEMMAF banner following the merger of international umbrella bodies, IMMAF and WMMAA. Despite this, GAMMAF representatives later separated from the national unity, dividing the German scene once again.

Founded in 2014, GEMMAF serves as the oldest and largest regulatory body for German MMA and has been working with the UFC since 2014. GEMMAF begins 2020 by expanding its reach further upon merging with GAMMA², an additional sanctioning body dedicated to grappling and MMA with sanctioning experience with the organisation, We Love MMA, one of Germany’s most well established MMA promotions.

A statement at explained, “After both the GEMMAF and the GAMMA² had done valuable development work in the field of MMA in their specializations for years, both organizations have decided to join forces and, under the GEMMAF flag, to combine all strengths of both clubs in the fields of amateur MMA, events and training use.

“We are highly motivated to continue our work on structuring MMA in Germany in 2020 and see this cooperation as an important step towards standardizing the German MMA scene!”

GEMMAF president Clemens Werner commented, “This is an important development and overall a great step. We are getting stronger and stronger.”

By lead writer: Jorden Curran

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