Finland becomes the 20th IMMAF member

We are pleased to present Finland as the 20th country to join the IMMAF family. The Finnish Mixed Martial Arts Federation, Suomen Vapaaotteluliitto ry, was founded in 2005 and have a well-established position in the Finnish MMA Community. -“We are excited to welcome one of the oldest and most established national MMA federations in the IMMAF so far. Finland has an active MMA community and we look forward to cooperating with them as well as learn from them.” says IMMAF President August Wallén. The FMMAF is lead by Chairman Petteri Maunu and Vice Chairman Olli Hartikainen. See for more information (in Finnish). The IMMAF has to date received applications from organizations in 75 countries wanting to represent their country as the national federation. Since international standards for national sports federations are high the IMMAF has a strict process to ensure that requirements such as true non-profit status, democratic structure and fair representation of the national MMA community are met. With Finland joining there are currently 20 IMMAF members and with over 140 pending applications the number of members is estimated to have reached 40 by spring 2014, thus meeting SportAccord demands.              

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