Danish Federation founded

Today we are proud to introduce the Danish MMA Federation which had its official founding meeting last weekend. After many months of dialogue between the MMA clubs in the country, overseen by IMMAF board member Mr. Otto Knudsen, the MMA community has now come together. -“We are very happy to finally have reached this point where we can announce the Danish MMA Federation to the public. Many people have worked hard to establish a joint platform and I’m impressed with the results” says Otto Knudsen. A board with 7 delegates and 3 substitutes has been elected, headed up by President Claus Larsen and Vice President Mikkel B. Olsen. The federation also launches its webpage today where Danish MMA organizations, clubs and academies can apply for membership. -“The Danish MMA Federation is a welcome addition to MMA in Scandinavia. With strong federations in Sweden, Norway and now also Denmark, MMA has an even better platform to work from in our respective sports communities” says George Sallfeldt, IMMAF board member and President of the Swedish MMA Federation. DMMAF press release: http://www.dmmaf.dk/pressemeddelelser ### Contact information Erika Mattson, Director of Communications Email: press@immaf.org

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